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Welcome to Karman Foods

Karman Foods is a one-of-a-kind online Asian grocery market delivering anywhere in the United States. We are food enthusiasts and stock our Asian market with the best ingredients for all of your Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, and Filipino recipes. If you've been searching for Asian groceries near me, you're in the right place. We shop and compare our competition, attend trade shows, and talk to manufacturers to find out about everything on the market today – and offer you only the best.

Wasabi Chips - Taste testing flavored Shrimp Chips by Calbee

Wasabi Chips - Taste testing flavored Shrimp Chips by Calbee

Wasabi flavored baked shrimp chips are popularly produced by Calbee company. A japanese-amde delicious and nutritious product
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Ocean Bomb Orange Juice feat. Son Goku

The perfect summer drink with the Tokyo Olympics 2020 Ambassador Ocean Bomb Orange feat. Son Goku

This Ocean Bomb Orange beverage from YHB Ocean Bomb is truly refreshing and guaranteed made from the purest drinking water in the world....
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The Dairy Alternative Plant-Based Melon Flavored Soy Milk Drink by Vitasoy

The Dairy Alternative Plant-Based Melon Flavored Soy Milk Drink by Vitasoy

This is a melon-flavored version of the original soy drink produced by Vitasoy, a beverage company based in Hong Kong. Vitasoy was founded in 1940 by a man named Dr. Lo, who wanted to help the citizens of Hong Kong by providing them with a nutritious protein-rich soy milk. It was nutritious back then and still is today.

Choosing Vitasoy is great for your health and environmentally friendly. Vitasoy is a plant-based product, which means it is more sustainable in its production than non plant-based drinks. The packaging is also eco-friendly because it is a recyclable paper carton. Its rectangular shape makes it easy to carry and compact to store.

Vitasoy safely distributes only UHT sterilized beverages, so you can be confident in their quality and safety. The Vitasoy company believes that choosing healthy food options will support your general wellbeing and promote a happy life. This soy drink is a healthy choice because it is a good source of iron and potassium. Vitasoy is especially valuable for people who choose to avoid dairy products like cow's milk due to dietary restrictions or as part of a plant-based diet.

Soy milk is also a good source of healthy fats, high fiber, high-quality protein and minerals. The flavor of this melon-flavored soy drink is sweet and creamy with a fresh flavor of honeydew melon. Each 215 milliliter carton is considered one serving and contains 130 calories, 3.5 grams of total fat, a hundred milligrams of sodium, 21 grams of total carbohydrates, 17 grams of total sugars and four grams of protein.

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Each carton comes with a bendy straw for easy enjoyment without any mess. These drinks should be stored in a cool dry place until ready to enjoy. They may be refrigerated for a chill temperature, but refrigeration is not necessary. After opening, consume immediately. These drinks last about six months. Be sure to read the expiration date properly, it's day, month, year. Before enjoying this beverage, be sure to shake well. Sedimentation may occur and is natural.

Now, I will open one of these cartons and pour it in a glass to show you how the Vitasoy beverage looks. Here you can see the melon-flavored soy milk. It is delicious and smells like fresh melon. Soy milk can be a part of your plant-based diet to benefit your health and to encourage you to eat more plant-based foods. This melon-flavored soy drink is a great choice to integrate into a plant-based diet. Be sure to look out for the other Vitasoy flavors and to try them all from our Asian Market.

Order more asian drinks at our asian grocery store.

Enjoy. Bye-bye.

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About Karman Foods

Karman Foods is an Asian grocery market for online orders. Buy Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Thai, and Vietnamese groceries for home delivery anywhere in the U.S. No other Asian Market matches our curated grocery selection.

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Karman Foods Holiday Gift Guide for Foodies 2021

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Hot Pot Ideas using Asian Pantry Essentials

Hot Pot Ideas using Asian Pantry Essentials

Holiday season means hot pot season! That's why when you're doing your holiday grocery, keep in mind the three things...
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Our Curated Asian-Inspired Thanksgiving Dinner Menu

Our Curated Asian-Inspired Thanksgiving Dinner Menu

Amidst hundreds of turkey recipes online, countless versions of cranberry sauces, and too many sides to choose from, we’ve curated a full course Asian-Inspired Thanksgiving menu...
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The Online Asian Market by Karman Foods has Asian Groceries and Fast Delivery

Karman Foods is a one-of-a-kind online Asian market with the best Asian groceries and fast delivery service. Our selection of Asian foods includes a curated assortment of Japanese groceries as well as all your favorite Chinese and Thai foods. Shopping with us is sure to be a refreshing experience because it’s quick and easy to find everything you need – from sauces and marinades to noodles, soup stocks, and much more.

It’s a rare Asian grocery store online that can compete with our quality and freshness. Our people are dedicated to delivering outstanding Chinese groceries as well as the best Japanese and Thai foods. Karman Foods is unique in that we only sell Asian foods we love and cook with ourselves. Our goal is to make your recipes come alive with fresh flavor thanks to the best sauces, spices, and seasonings. Your friends and family will rave about the delicious taste of everything you cook.

An Asian Grocery Store Online Unlike Any Other

When you shop online for Japanese, Chinese, or Thai groceries, you want the best. We understand your time is limited, and your expectations are high, and it’s why we taste test every product we sell. It’s faster to shop with us because we want to be the best Chinese, Korean, and Japanese market, not the one with the longest product list. Our online Asian grocery store is about premium products that you can trust to make your recipes turn out their most delicious.

At Karman Foods, you also have the option to buy many products in bulk to stock your pantry and save money. We give you the convenience of delivering directly to your door, so there is no lugging things home from the store if you choose to buy larger quantities. Our virtual Asian market is famous for an excellent selection of Chinese, Thai, and Japanese foods, including sauces and marinades, pastes, noodles, rice and grains, soup stocks, seasonings and spices, snacks, teas, and coffees.

Your Store for Asian Grocery Delivery Anywhere in the U.S.

No matter where you’re located in the U.S., it’s easy to order Asian groceries for delivery. If you’re in an area that lacks a good market for Japanese, Thai, and Chinese foods, we’re your one-stop source. Shop our easy-to-navigate website to see for yourself. We make it easy to find just what you need in less time with fewer clicks. Everyone on our team is 100-percent devoted to your complete satisfaction, and we look forward to getting to know you as a loyal customer.

Our buyers scour the market to bring you the finest food products from many regions of Asia. We sell items with flavors from the Philippines as well as Chinese, Japanese, and Korean foods. So, if you’ve been searching for the best online Asian market near me, let Karman Foods show you how easy it can be to have fresh, delicious Asian groceries delivered directly to your front door.

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