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10 Asian Breakfast Foods For A Productive Morning

10 Asian Breakfast Foods For A Productive Morning

Are you one of those people who feels incomplete whenever they haven’t had a hearty breakfast? So am I! This National Hot Breakfast Month, why not make an effort in preparing a nice hot meal to kickstart your day?

Come to think of it: your body has done its magic overnight as it repairs broken cells and recharges your energy as you sleep, so it’s only fitting to have a nice meal after that amazing feat. However, because of the on-the-go lifestyle most people have, breakfast has become more of a chore that needs to be checked off the list instead of being the most important meal of the day.

If you’re tired of the usual bacon and eggs scenario, I have curated a list of Asian breakfast ideas you can try!

10 Asian Breakfast Ideas To Kickstart Your Day

1. Onigiri

Wasabi Furikake Japanese Rice Seasoning Review

Onigiri is a classic Japanese snack made from white rice with vegetable or meat fillings. It is rolled into a ball or a triangle and is often wrapped in seaweed sheets. It’s like the Asian equivalent of a sandwich but it’s more filling. Breakfast Onigiris are easy to make and are typically available in Japanese convenience stores as a grab-and-go. The onigiri combinations are endless but my favorite one is grilled salmon with lots of furikake embedded in bouncy sushi rice.

2. Congee Breakfast/Rice Porridge

Instant Rice Porridge with Abalone | Karman reviews

Congee is a classic meal in China made by cooking rice in a great deal of water until it becomes a pudding-like consistency. Because of its straightforward recipe, rice porridge is also a staple in other countries like Korea, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, and even some European countries. Toppings are varied per country. There's the usual eggs, chicken, pork, dumplings, mushrooms, red beans, and even abalone! Whenever you find yourself in need of comfort food that’s warm and filling, congee for breakfast can give you just that.

3. Miso Soup

Spinach and Wakame Seaweed Instant Japanese Miso Paste | Karman Reviews

Nothing champions the hot breakfast month like a bowl of miso soup. Miso soup is made of dashi soup stock and fermented soybean paste with sea salt and rice koji. It is most commonly cooked with tofu, vegetables, and seaweed and has a savory flavor--light and simple, isn't it? Cooking miso soup can take no more than 15 minutes out of your day. But if you’re in a bit of a hurry, there’s an instant Japanese Miso Soup for breakfast that literally takes a minute to prepare! That’s even easier and faster to make than oatmeal!

4. Breakfast Udon

Microwaveable Noodles - Japanese Kitsune Udon with fried tofu by Wang Korea | Karman reviews

Have a warm and tasty start to your day with bouncy udon noodles in a savory broth of dashi. My go-to udon recipe from the New York Times is primarily made from udon noodles, dashi, sesame oil, Japanese soy sauce, and mirin or sake. If making a bowl of breakfast Udon is too daunting in the early light of the morning, you can also try its instant version. Whichever version you go for, breakfast udon is a great morning starter, especially when paired with a soft-boiled egg.

15-Minute Bukkake Cold Udon Recipe

Essential Breakfast Udon Ingredients

5. Hotteok

Microwaveable Noodles - Japanese Kitsune Udon with fried tofu by Wang Korea | Karman reviews

As much as I love rich and savory Asian breakfast foods, there are times when I also crave something sweet to start my day. One of my favorites is Hotteok–a Korean version of a pancake filled with powdered cinnamon, brown sugar, and groundnuts. It’s most commonly regarded as street food, but this gem of the side streets can also be enjoyed as a hot breakfast.

Don't worry about the batter because I’m gonna let you in on one of my go-to pancake mixes to achieve that crispy-on-the-outside-gooey-on inside Hotteok.

6. Coffee, Tea, and Milk

Maxim Original Korean Coffee - Pack of 100 - Karman Foods

A typical Asian breakfast would be incomplete without these drinks. Whatever’s for breakfast becomes a lot better when it’s paired with a hot and teeming cup of coffee, milk, or tea. Each Asian country has a preference for their morning drink. Koreans, for instance, love to start their day with a cup of Iced Americano. The older citizens, however, like to get their dose of caffeine from a cup of tea. Nothing says a gentle morning starter than a cup of refreshing green tea to awaken the senses.

Comparing Instant Korean Coffee Brands

How to Make Cappuccino Using Instant Coffee

7. Jeon Korean Pancakes

Making Kimchi Pancakes with Buchimgaru Korean Pancake Powder | Karman Foods Recipe

All The Food Featured in Netflix Singles Inferno

Koreans are very creative with their pancakes. Aside from the sweet Hotteok, they also have a savory version called the Jeon Korean Pancake. It is a kind of fritter that's prepared using a flour mix and choice of vegetables. Pajeon uses green onion or scallions while kimchijeon uses - you guessed it! - kimchi! To save time, Jeon Korean pancake mix are readily available in any Korean grocer.

You can check out my video on how to use this versatile mix for my kimchijeon! It has a crispy texture on the outside. When you bite into it, you can taste the freshness and heat of the kimchi!

8. Sweet Pumpkin Porridge

Sweet Pumpkin Instant Porridge from Bibigo: Perfect meal for autumn pumpkin season | Karman Review

Aside from their pancakes, Koreans are very creative with their vegetables too. Most kids don’t want to eat vegetables because of the way it is presented, but it seems that Koreans have overcome that hurdle. Just consider this Sweet Pumpkin Porridge. If you haven’t tried this yet, you’re missing out. Warming, nourishing, and creamy, this breakfast feels like a warm hug. It’s bulked out with soft rice for extra energy so you won’t fall prey to the morning munchies. Plus, pumpkins are rich in Vitamin A and it’s high in antioxidants!

9. Taho

Taho is a traditional breakfast street food from the Philippines. It is made from silken tofu mixed with soft tapioca pearls and added with caramelized sugar called Arnibal. It has a pudding-like texture and it’s served hot in a mug or glass, making it a perfect on-the-go hot breakfast. Children would usually wait for the Taho vendor to pass by their houses during the early hours of the morning when the tofu is still hot and fresh.

This recipe of homemade Taho from Panlasang Pinoy will stir up nostalgic memories, especially for Filipinos! When the cravings hit, whip it up with tapioca pearls from Wufuyuan.

10. Xoi Steamed Breakfast Sticky Rice

Thai Sweet Sticky Rice by Three Rings | Karman Reviews

Asian breakfast will not be complete without the presence of rice. In Vietnam, where most Vietnamese are engaged in agriculture, Xoi, or steamed breakfast sticky rice, is the best breakfast choice among kids and elders alike due to its irresistible sweet and savory flavors. Popular toppings are egg, mung beans, peanuts, shredded coconut, pate, dry pork floss, and so much more, but crispy fried shallots is a must-have!

Warm Asian breakfasts offer great fuel to start your jampacked day. That’s why breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. A lot of these only take a few minutes to prepare, so make sure to take a couple of minutes off your mornings to nourish yourselves. The better you start your day, the mre productive you can be!

If you’re looking for more easy Asian breakfast recipes, check out more at Karman Foods. You can also shop for ingredients straight from our shop!

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