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4 Instant Coffee Dessert Drinks for Valentine's Day

4 Instant Coffee Dessert Drinks for Valentine's Day

Instant coffee desserts are a surefire way of getting hearts beating a little faster this Valentine's Day! Plus, coffee makes for an extra special date because of several reasons.

It’s the first thing you think about in the morning. It picks you up when you’re down and boosts your energy when you’re not feeling the most productive. Best of all, coffee will never leave you!

Now, we understand that some of you might not be the biggest coffee fans. When it comes to coffee as it is, you either love it or you don’t. We don’t think there’s an in-between and that’s completely fine! We love what we love.

Instant Coffee Dessert Ideas

But when we’re talking about caffeinated confections, ones that delicately counter and balance the intensity of caffeine with sweet milk and sugar, the biggest non-lover of coffee will think twice about having a taste.

You don’t need expensive coffee beans or fancy machinery to make coffee-flavored food. Instant coffee from your pantries can do an equally great job!

Veer away from the usual cake and chocolate and try out these instant Asian coffee recipes that will leave you and your loved ones feeling a satisfying kind of high!

Instant Coffee Almond Jelly Milk Tea

 A clear glass filled brim with coffee almond jelly milk tea on a white saucer

You wouldn’t have imagined it but coffee with milk tea is a match made in heaven. To make coffee jelly, prepare gelatin according to packaging instructions and stir in 1 and ⅓ cup of brewed instant coffee. While your coffee gelatin chills and solidifies, simmer almond milk with water and steep 2 teabags of black tea for 3-5 minutes. Allow your milk tea to chill. Once the coffee jelly has set, cut it up into cubes, pour it in a tall glass, and pour your chilled milk tea over it. Voila! 

Kori Kohi

2 mason jars with ice, coffee, and milk surrounded with sugar cubes, wafer sticks, and coffee beans.

Kori Kohi is as easy as preparing ice cubes. We say that in the most literal sense because that’s exactly how this Japanese-style coffee is prepared!

You only need three things: instant coffee, milk, and an ice tray. Brew your instant coffee like usual (add an extra tablespoon for a stronger taste), pour it in an ice tray, and freeze overnight. Once ready, serve in a glass and pour milk over it.

Instead of having a watered-down iced coffee drink, you get coffee cubes melting and fusing with the creaminess of milk for an elevated and perfectly blended coffee drink.

If you’re feeling experimental and in need of a refreshing drink, you can also make iced matcha, chocolate milk, or even black tea cubes and pour milk over it. Simple yet delicious!

Boozed Mocha Affogato

 A clear glass filled with Mocha Affogato

Photo by Ali Yahya on Unsplash

Here’s a great way to enjoy coffee, drinks, and dessert in one! In Italian, “affogato” means drowned, in reference to the scoop of vanilla ice cream that you “drown” in a glass of hot mocha. The mixture of hot and cold and sweet and bitter is already a special experience in itself but you can add even more depth in flavor by adding a dash of chopped chocolate and drizzling it with a couple of tablespoons of rum or bourbon.

Vietnamese Egg Coffee

A white cup filled with Vietnamese egg coffee with flower foam art

Non-coffee lovers will have a difficult time turning away from this sweet and foamy dessert-slash-drink.

Vietnamese Egg Coffee, or Cà phê trứng, is believed to be the brainchild of Nguyen Giang who used whisked egg yolk as a substitute to coffee creamer during a fresh milk shortage in the 1940s.

While we all wait for the chance to go to Cafe Giang where this delectable confection is originally served, make it at home by whipping egg yolk, condensed milk, and vanilla together using a stand mixer until you get soft peaks.

Once that’s done, spoon your whipped mixture over your usual Vietnamese coffee brew for a rich yet airy blend of flavors that’s sure to satiate your sweet tooth.

Not only do these instant coffee desserts taste good; they smell good and feel good all around too! From us at Karman Foods, have a sweet and delicious Valentine’s Day no matter how you spend it and who you spend it with! See our collection of Asian teas and coffees and order at our Asian Market now!

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