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Affordable and Top-Quality Sesame Oil: Japanese Cuisine's Liquid Gold

To all the Japanese food enthusiasts, we’ll let you in on a secret. One of the best-kept secrets to authentic tasting Japanese food lies in one ingredient: sesame oil. Japan is one of the world’s largest consumers of sesame with nearly 160,000 tons imported every year from Latin America. For an added touch of Asian flavors in your salads and stir-fries, a dash of sesame oil can do wonders!

Sesame oil is one of the earliest known crop-based oils and has a distinct nutty and smoky flavor to it. Due to its high smoke point, sesame oil is usually added as part of marinades, salad dressings, or as dipping sauces rather than as a cooking oil.

Mass production is usually limited due to the tedious manner of extracting the oil making this a true gem in your pantries. It may come at a hefty price for such a small bottle but imagine cooking restaurant-quality dishes, like sesame miso soup, broccoli stir-fry, or sesame chicken, that will have the whole dinner table talking! A tablespoon of this liquid gold can do wonders for your favorite Asian recipes! It’s worth all the investment. 

Personally, we love adding sesame oil with a pinch of salt and pepper as a dipping sauce to our Korean BBQ nights to further elevate the toasty, smokey flavors of the grilled meat. We guarantee a filling, lip-smacking dining experience that will have you craving more!

Of course, it won’t be considered an Asian kitchen staple without its health benefits. Sesame oil comprises up to 82% of unsaturated fatty acids which is good for the heart. It’s rich in Omega-6 which plays an important role in heart disease prevention. 

At Karman Foods, we’ll save you the trouble of going through several brands at the grocery stores because we’ve curated your best options for sesame oil

Kadoya 100% Pure Sesame Oil

With almost 150 years of producing Japanese sesame oil home cooks and pro-chefs turn to Kadoya 100% Pure Sesame Oil due to its amber color that offers a potent taste that will give any dish that authentic Asian twist. Made with carefully selected, roasted, and pressed sesame seeds, expect maximum aroma and exquisite taste with every drop.

Kikkoman Sesame Oil

Kikkoman is one of the most recognizable Japanese brands that have mastered the art of producing Asian food products like , , , and even sesame oil. When it’s Kikkoman, have an extra burst of healthy nuttiness to your favorite Asian food. Here, it’s available in bulk which is always a good thing!

To get you started, here’s a quick recipe on how you can make homemade Japanese Sesame Salad Dressing:


  1. Toast 3 tablespoons of white sesame seeds over low heat.
  2. Grind toasted sesame seeds until smooth.
  3. Mix your ground sesame seeds with 2 to 3 tablespoons of rice vinegar, 1 tablespoon of soy sauce, 2 tablespoons of sugar.


Now that we have revealed this best-kept secret, all you have to do is experience this flavor wonder. Dash your food with a hint of nutty and smoky taste from sesame oil - the liquid gold that you can get from Karman Foods at the best price and quality!

I highly recommend this top-quality sesame oil, visit our Japanese Grocery Store to order.