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All the Essential Ingredients to Recreate 2020 Asian Food Trends

All the Essential Ingredients to Recreate 2020 Asian Food Trends

Photo by Sharon Murillo from Pexels

The pandemic gave birth to a new breed of home cooks who were pushed into preparing homemade food, ranging from DIY recipes, restaurant-inspired dishes, and cafe-like pastries, to out of this world TikTok food trends that invaded our online timelines. Let’s look back into some of the 2020 Asian food trends that kept us pre-occupied, entertained, and sane during the year that was unlike any other.

1. Dalgona Coffee

Maxim Korean Coffee, 100 Packs

Ah, the early days of quarantine where everyone thought that things may come back to normal after a few months. Dalgona comes from South Korea’s popular honeycomb toffee street snack made from melted sugar and baking soda. The Dalgona coffee recipe does not actually have the actual sweet dessert but its toasted taste can be likened to it.

All you need to do is whip equal portions of instant coffee, sugar, and hot water using a hand mixer or even a fork until you get a frothy and peaky consistency. It will take a while but it makes a great home workout. Scoop your dalgona mix and pour it on top of warm or iced milk and there you have a homemade coffee blend that serves as a great alternative to your store-bought coffee.

2. Baked Sushi

Marukan Seasoned Gourmet Rice Vinegar

Marukan Seasoned Gourmet Rice Vinegar, 12 Ounce

Preparing restaurant-like sushi is a challenge that most of us are unlikely to replicate. There really is a reason why Japanese sushi chefs go on arduous training to perfect their craft! However, Filipinos have deconstructed the rolled sushi into a gastronomic treat that you can prepare from your home kitchens so you can satiate your sushi cravings.

Prepare sushi rice by mixing white rice with Japanese vinegar, salt, and sugar. In a pan, spread sushi rice evenly and layer in a generous amount of furikake on top. Afterwards, add your creamy topping made of cream cheese, Japanese mayonnaise, sriracha, mangoes, and cucumber bits evenly. Sprinkle additional seaweed flakes and preferred Japanese sauces on top.

3. All Things Baked

Coconut Secret Traditional Coconut Crystals

It seemed like everyone who had put their baking plans on hold have finally decided to pursue a new hobby! While working from home, most of us finally had the time to make a mess of kneading dough, wait for it to rise, pop it in the oven in perfect timing, and enjoy it hot and fresh while staying on top of your to-do’s. It might be tempting to let loose on your sugar intake but you’ll want to watch out for your well-being, especially in the time of health-consciousness. A great way to sweeten your desserts healthily is by using a low glycemic sugar alternative made from coconut tree sap. 

4. Mukbang

Bullhead Barbecue Sauce 26 Oz

Bullhead Barbecue Sauce, 26 Oz.

Even before COVID-19 hit, mukbang videos, or online eating shows, have garnered an excitable niche audience who find satisfaction in watching or joining others eat virtually. In a time where meeting friends outdoors can be a challenge, mukbang videos play a role in replicating the dining experience with a friend right in front of you. Spice up your mukbang viewing by eating spicy noodles or indulging in some warm hot pot with your favorite mukbang hosts.

Asian Food Trends of 2020 might make a comeback or give rise to crazier and delicious recipes this 2021. We’re not complaining though! Anything to keep our quarantined brains and taste buds busy. Cheers to another year of great home-cooked food! From all of us at Karman Foods, Happy 2021!