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All The Food Featured in Netflix Singles Inferno

All The Food Featured in Netflix Singles Inferno

They say a way to a person’s heart is through their stomach. That’s why Netflix Single’s Inferno isn’t just about beautiful Korean singles looking for love. It was also about setting a good impression and winning hearts through good Korean cuisine!

In this post, we go through all the episodes, list down all the featured Korean food in Netflix Single’s inferno, and share with you some of my favorite Asian recipes and Korean groceries to help you recreate them without having to go to Inferno!

Spoiler Alert: Since we’ll be going from episode to episode, consider this your warning for tiny spoilers ahead!

Netflix: Single's Inferno

What is Single’s Inferno about?

To keep you up to speed, Netflix Single’s Inferno features a group of Korean bachelors and bachelorettes sent to a deserted island called Inferno to find love while surviving with minimal resources for 9 days.

The contestants collect their own water, prepare their own food with Korean ingredients provided by the staff, and take on challenges to win special meals and a much-coveted trip to Paradise – a place where hotel food and amenities may be enjoyed.

The romantic tension will definitely have you hooked, but as a foodie, what made it extra entertaining to me was how they managed to prepare several Korean foods with limited ingredients. There really was no stopping these contestants from setting a good impression by flexing their cooking skills!

The ease in prep is a testament to how Korean food can be made by anyone at almost any time, as long as you have the right ingredients.

All the Korean Dishes In Netflix’s Single’s Inferno

Episode 1: Doenjang Jiggae and Kimchi Bokkeumbap

The First of Many: Kimchi bokkeumbap or kimchi fried rice seasoned with gochujang and toasted sesame oil.
(Netflix: Single's Inferno)

After the contestants’ introduction, they were confronted with minimal food options for the very first time. On the kitchen table were rice, doenjang and gochujang fermented pastes, cabbage, garlic, onions, and chili peppers.

At first glance, it looked impossible to make anything out of the ingredients. But the designated chef Moon Sehun immediately suggested doenjang jiggae or Korean Fermented Soybean stew as their main dish and Kimchi Bokkeumbap.

In the show, the kimchi fried rice was cooked on the cover of a traditional Korean pot called a gamasot with an open flame heating it from below. They tossed cooked rice with the cabbage and garlic, seasoned it with the fermented pastes, then flattened it on the pan to achieve a toasted bottom.

On the other hand, I also have a doenjang jiggae recipe that uses similar ingredients from the show. Plus, it only takes a few minutes to make. And if you want it spicy just like Shin Jiyeon, add gochujang for that extra heat!

Comparing The Best Doenjang Brands From Korea
Soy Bean Paste Jjigae (Doenjang) - The Easy Way

Episode 2: Milk, Cereal, and Kimchi Jiggae

The First Special Menu: Sausage Platter with Iced Americano
(Netflix: Single's Inferno)

Maxim Original Instant Coffee | Karman Reviews
Comparing Instant Korean Coffee Brands
4 Instant Coffee Dessert Drinks for Valentine's Day

The contestants start the day with bread, apples, cereal, and milk. But hope was not lost. The very first challenge for the show was a race among the men, where the winner and two ladies of his picking get to enjoy a sausage platter and Iced Americano. The mention of iced coffee was enough to bring out everyone’s competitive side! If you don’t get the Korean Iced Americano hype, take a sip of your own with Maxim’s Original Coffee.

Moon Sehun might have won the challenge and enjoyed his iced coffee but it didn’t guarantee him a trip to Paradise. Instead of feasting on a hotel food service, he joins Ahn Yeawon and Kim Junsik for a comforting bowl of kimchi jiggae while watching the sunset.

Episode 3: Suyuk Bossam, Pyongyang Naengmyeon, Egg Potato Soup

A Refreshing Special Menu:
Korean Cold Noodles and Boiled Pork
(Netflix: Single's Inferno)

On the third episode, the women had a lot to fight for and it’s not just love. It’s a lip-smacking Suyuk Bossam and a refreshing bowl of Pyongyang Naengmyeon Cold Noodles.

Suyuk Bossam, which translates to “water meat”, is a simple Korean dish made with boiled pork belly slices. It isn’t heavily seasoned but it gets its savory flavor from a small amount of doenjang marinade. It is typically served with fresh kimchi on the side. Mouthwatering, right? This Bossam recipe from Korean Bapsang can definitely satiate your appetite.

On the other hand, Pyongyang Naengmyeon is a Korean cold buckwheat noodle dish with a rich beef or dongchimi veggie broth. Red chili paste is added to give it a kick of spice, while boiled eggs and cucumbers are added as a garnish. It’s a famous summer dish, which makes it a fitting special prize on the scorching hot shores of Inferno.

When in the mood for cold noodles, Maangchi’s mul-naengmyeon recipe won’t fail you! The broth is tangy, savory, and slightly sweet, while the noodles and bouncy and satisfying to slurp on!

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Episode 4: Cereal and milk again?

Sorry foodies, not much food in this episode! It’s just cereal and milk for breakfast again!

Episode 5: Pajeon, Kimchijeon, Bokkeumbap, Egg Soup

A Delicious Welcome: Korean pajeon cooked on a gamasot cover. Served with kimchi, tofu, and yangnyeomjang sauce
(Netflix: Single's Inferno)

How else could you set a good impression on new contestants? Prepare a feast!

Pajeon and Kimchijeon were on today’s menu– a delectable Korean scallion and kimchi pancakes that's made with a mixture of flour, powdered spices, green onions, and other ingredients like seafood and chili. For your convenience, we've got a ready Korean-pancake mix that's so much better than plain flour!

The handy gamasot top proved handly once again for this fried dish, with Soyeon adding extra oil on the sides so the mega large pajeon doesn’t stick to the pan.

The scene also cuts to Oh Jintaek and Choi Sihun preparing the pajeon dipping sauce called yangnyeomjang, made with gochugaru, vinegar, sesame oil, sugar.

This Green Onion Pajeon recipe from My Korean Kimchi is one of my favorite Pajeon recipes and no, you don’t need a gamasot to cook this dish!

Egg Drop Soup was also on the menu and boy is it easy to make! All you need is dried anchovy soup stock, or any available soup stock like dashi, eggs (they used 15 on the show!), and a splash of soy sauce.

Episode 6: Instant Ramyun

Close to Paradise: Jin Ramyun and Shin Ramyun with Kimchi
(Netflix: Single's Inferno)

When in Inferno, the thought of instant ramyun is a luxury. That’s why when packs of Jin Ramyun and Shin Ramyun appeared on the table, everyone expressed their delight as if they were in Paradise! The group excitedly prepared the spicy noodles in the gamasot and added scallions and white onions to level up the broth. Served with kimchi on the side, it was a surefire way to pump everyone’s spirits for the day.

Spicy and flavorful Shin Black Premium Korean Ramyun Noodle Soup by Nongshim
Instant Korean Mild Jin Ramen | Karman Reviews

Episode 7: Galbi

Let’s head on over to Paradise where food is abundant! Most couples went for Western food like steak and burgers, but Paradise first-timer Moon Sehun and Shin Jiyeon added the irresistible kalbi to their dinner menu.

See how you can cook this fancy yet easy-to-follow Korean Barbeque Short Rib dish for yourselves by following my LA-Style Kalbi recipe. It features a smoky and fruity BBQ marinade that will flavor your short ribs down to the bone. No wonder this couple couldn’t pass up on some classic Korean dishes during the final date in the show!

Episode 8: A Sweet End

Once again, no food was featured during the last episode, but binge-watching this show almost felt like binge eating classic Korean dishes. Who else felt hungrier than ever during the season finale?

What makes Netflix Single’s Inferno fun for many may be the personality of each contestant or the chemistry between the couples. But I know I’m not alone in thinking that the Single’s Inferno food was something to look forward to!

You may not be stuck in Inferno but you may be low on ingredients or feeling a little lazy, just as some of the contestants did after a hot summer day. Whichever situation you find yourself in, I hope this post gave you ideas on how to prepare easy Korean dishes with simple ingredients found in our online shop.

For all your online Korean grocery needs, shop at Karman Foods! Our online Asian supermarket also stocks a large variety of Thai groceries, Chinese groceries, and Japanese groceries.

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