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Asian-Style 4th of July Food

Asian-Style 4th of July Food

Planning a big cookout for Fourth of July? Add a twist to traditional 4th of July Foods by serving something different yet still patriotic in spirit! I’m sharing my curated Asian-inspired 4th of July food ideas that’s easy to prepare and best enjoyed while watching a brilliant fireworks display with the whole family.

4th of July Food Ideas

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1. Togarashi-spiced Corn

Corn on the cob may be one of the most popular 4th of July food. It’s a true classic, but adding a dash of togarashi won’t hurt. In fact, it may be the best addition to this staple side dish!

Togarashi is a Japanese spice mixture made from 7 different ingredients, namely coarsely ground chili, Japanese pepper, orange peel, black and white sesame seeds, hemp seeds, ground ginger, nori, and poppy seeds, all packaged in a little spice bottle.

It may be little in size, but it’s large in taste! A sprinkle of this is like dropping a flavor bomb on your corn on the cob. It’s spicy, fruity, and even has a subtle crunch!

2. Korean Barbeque with CJ Korean BBQ Sauces

Smoky and spicy flavors take center stage in your yearly backyard barbeque. However, the hints of sweet and fruity taste of CJ’s Korean barbeque sauces are sure to steal the show!

Most Korean-style barbeque sauces are infused with apple and pear puree, giving your beef bulgogi, galbi, and barbecued meats a delicious blend of sweet, smoky, and spicy flavors.

To complete the festivities, you can check out my 4 Korean Barbeque Must-Haves For Your DIY K-BBQ Experience!

Best Barbeque Sauces for 4th of July

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A burst of zesty flavors may be the last thing you’d expect from your burgers! But, hear me out! Take your teriyaki-glazed burger patty, add in mango salsa, pack them between burger buns, and voila!

Enjoy a leveled-up burger dish that’s oozing with sweet, savory, and refreshing flavors! It’s not only perfect for Fourth of July, but also for your summer picnics! Just switch out the bread with buns as preferred.

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Get your beers ready! Spicy Sriracha Peas are here to spice up your holiday! This beer snack from Hapi Snacks is made from green peas that are generously coated with chili garlic seasoning. The heat is enough to tickle your tastebuds, while the crunch is simply irresistible. Be sure to get two or more because everyone’s going to be reaching down the barrel for these goodies–even the kids!


While the sky lights up with fireworks, you too will be feeling an explosive spice in your mouth with this dish! The infamous Korean hot sauce that brought the heat in every Original Bulldark Spicy Chicken Roasted Noodles now comes in a bottled packaging–perfect for rice bowls, hot ribs, and spicy chicken wings! Meet Samyang's Extremely Spicy Nuclear Buldak Sauce!

This Firecracker Chicken recipe from Little Spice Jar uses half a cup of hot sauce for tossing, but trust us. You may want to add in a few teaspoons of this hot sauce first and adjust the heat from there unless you really want to play with fire. It’s hot, it’s crunchy, and it will leave your mouth hanging open in wonder, just like a firecracker!

Samyang Buldak Nuclear Hot Sauces

Samyang Extremely Spicy Chicken Nuclear Buldak Sauce - 200g | Korean Sauce
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Samyang Bulldark Spicy Chicken Roasted Sauce - 200g | Korean product | Korean Sauce
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Everyone says their mom’s or grandma’s potato salad is the best salad in the world, so we won’t fight you on that. But for this year’s Fourth of July celebrations, let ma’s recipe take a back seat and switch things up with a potato salad dish that features Japanese ingredients!

This recipe from Thomas Sixst uses sushi vinegar, soy sauce, furikake, and nori as primary ingredients for this dish. Compared to mayo-seasoned potato salads, this dish offers light umami flavors that don’t feel heavy in the tummy, giving you just enough room to enjoy the entrees!

I know what you’re thinking. Yes, I’ve mentioned a couple of unlikely pairings in this list but this one may take the cake (no pun intended)! Cookbook author Hetty McKinnon swears by adding a few teaspoons of soy sauce to your brownie batter as it amplifies the chocolatey flavor of the cocoa and brings out a rich caramel glow!

And no, you don’t have to worry about your dessert tasting salty! The small amount of soy sauce is just enough to deepen the sweetness of your brownies while giving it a subtle kick of umami. It’s just like adding flaky salt to your chocolate chip cookies!

With friends and family coming over, 4th of July is the best opportunity for you to go all-out on your cooking. So make it count by preparing a delicious yet unique spread year after year! I hope my list of 4th of July food ideas will make an impression, even when you add it to your regular recipe rotation! Have a festive 4th of July.

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