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Asian-Style Christmas Dinner Menu

Asian-Style Christmas Dinner Menu

I talked about Christmas gift ideas for foodies in the previous blog. Now, it's time to talk about the Christmas dinner menu! What better way to make it a memorable one than by adding an Asian twist to your traditional Christmas dinner spread.

I curated a full course Asian-themed Christmas menu filled with recipes from my favorite websites as well as my own YouTube channel. I've got Christmas food ideas from starters all the way to dessert, including a smashing Asian-style potato side dish, a juicy LA-Style Kalbi main dish, all the way to an instant coffee tiramisu for a satisfying finish.

Christmas Menu Ideas

While handpicking recipes, I made sure to include vegan options for a merrier Christmas for ALL of your loved ones.

It may be winter but spring rolls are for all seasons! The great thing about rolls is you can use any vegetable that's in season. You can also make it a family affair by inviting everyone to roll the wraps with you. For your winter rolls, you can wrap chewy noodles with kale, red cabbage, carrots, mushrooms, mint leaves, and other winter fruits and veggies. Make it more delightful with a sweet peanut, savory hoisin sauce, or spicy sriracha dipping sauce.

Who knew brussels sprouts can taste so fancy! This recipe from Bon Appetit features a delicious mix of spicy and smoky gochujang with maple syrup that will make kids and adults want to eat brussels sprouts beyond the holidays! The taste of the browned butter completes the union of flavors and will always remind you of Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, flavorful all-around: that sums up this super simple smashed potato recipe from Christie at Home. Soy sauce and honey mix well to make the potatoes taste sweet and savory, while the sesame oil adds depth and texture to the whole dish. Scroll down and we'll take you through the recipe!

Nostalgia is a very powerful ingredient and this Kimchi Tofu Soup will comfort you wherever you're spending the holidays. Gochugaru adds a touch of heat but the kimchi balances it all out with its sour taste. It won't take you 30 minutes to prepare this comfort food. To make it vegan, simply remove the egg from my original recipe.

Is it really Christmas if there isn't a slab of ham at the center of the dinner table? Food.com lists down four easy-to-find ingredients that will add an Asian twist to a traditional holiday ham. Spoiler alert, the ingredients are hoisin sauce, mirin, soy sauce, and mustard paste!

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Did you know that it is customary to eat fried chicken for Christmas in Japan? In the 1970s, KFC launched a Kentucky for Christmas campaign in the country which falsely marketed fried chicken as a holiday dish. It took off and up until today, the Japanese line up during Christmas even to bring home buckets and buckets of crispy fried chicken! In the spirit of sharing, why not level up from fast food fried chicken and check out 5 fried chicken glazes that will put everyone in a merry mood. There's a flavor for everyone!

Kalbi or Korean short ribs is a smokey and juicy Korean dish that's usually barbecued for special occasions, which makes galbi a perfect addition to your holiday spread. My recipe features an all-in-one bulgogi marinade that's packed with a delicious mix of smoky and fruity flavors. It's the perfect match for meat falling off the bones!

Original Korean BBQ Bulgogi Sauce Reviews

Here's my gift for the seafood lovers. My Basil Garlic Shrimp recipe features two powerhouse Asian ingredients that's filled with umami: oyster sauce and chili garlic sauce! In less than 30 minutes, you'll get a filling dish that's mildly spiced and nicely balanced by a fresh herb taste.

Best Chili Garlic Sauces To Spice Up Your FoodOyster Sauce by Maekrua | Karman Reviews

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Tiramisu may need real espresso but who's to say you can't use instant coffee to make this delectable dessert! This simple tiramisu recipe from Taste.com.au uses instant coffee alongside coffee liqueur for a rich and flavorful dessert. Prepare this at least a day ahead and make sure not to soak the biscuits for too long or you'll have a runny dessert that might ruin your dinner.

I hope this curated Christmas dinner menu lets you find joy in cooking for yourself or your family. I made sure to keep things as simple as possible so you can stress less and celebrate more. I'm glad to share these recipes with you! The gift of good homemade food really is one of the best presents you can ever give.

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