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The Best Instant Ramen Noodle Showdown

The Best Instant Ramen Noodle Showdown

One thing that’s constant about Asians is their love for noodles. They eat it any time of day, as a main or a side dish, no matter whether it’s with a broth or stir-fried. That’s why when the Japanese invented instant ramen in the 1950s, it was a total game-changer.

Now, a lot of varieties and flavors are out in the market, but if you’re looking into the best instant ramen, you’ve come to the right place. Karman Foods can take you on a food trip by rating the top ramen flavors to help you decide the best product to ease your hunger in the most convenient ways.

Best Instant Ramen Brands To Look Out For

When you hear the word “instant noodles” the first thing that comes to your mind might be the famous brand Samyang. You might have heard of the famous Samyang Spicy Noodle Challenge wherein people would try out the different levels of spiciness of the noodles.

However, there’s a lot more to instant noodles than the trend itself, and it doesn’t always involve tongue-numbing heat!

One of the famous ramen cup noodles being tried on some Mukbang videos is from the Nongshim Group. For over 50 years, Nongshim Group has been in the market. They offer a variety of products including their famous Chapaghetti which is a Korean black spaghetti made from black bean sauce that's been popularized in the Oscar-winning movie Parasite.

They also have instant noodle soups like Neoguri and Shin Black Ramen.

Another contender is leading instant noodle brand Paldo. Paldo started its instant noodle business in 1983. They occupy a large portion of the Russian market, bolstering their rise to prestige. Their products include the Mr. Kimchi Noodles, which is a Kimchi Ramen soup, and Stir-Fried Kimchi Ramen.

They also have hot and spicy noodle soups, soupless noodles, and not spicy noodles like the Gomtang Noodles.

There are also other big noodle brands worth trying, including Indomie which heroes their ramen cup noodles. They are an Indonesian brand that first introduced Mi Goreng to the world.

If you’re looking for other instant noodle soup bowls, Ottogi’s Jin Ramen Mild Spicy is also a must-try product. You can also add to your list the Jongga Real Kimchi Ramen that comes with real (not dried!) kimchi.

Instant Korean Mild Jin Ramen | Karman Reviews
Instant noodles with REAL kimchi pieces? Cup ramen leveled up! | Karman Reviews

The Instant Noodle Showdown

Now for the main event, we give you the contenders for the instant noodles! They are grouped according to their type, and we considered the characteristics of each.

The Beef Noodle Brawl

Nongshim Shin Black Noodle Soup, Spicy Beef Flavor Noodle

  • Traditional Korean soup made from nutritious vegetables and simmered beef bone extracts
  • Took three years to develop to get that rich seolleongtang beef broth
  • Made from farm-fresh produce, premium quality grains and spices, less sodium, and no MSG added

Paldo Fun & Yum Jumbo King Lid Ramen Instant Noodles with Flamed Beef Soup- Pack of 5

  • Mildly spiced beef broth
  • Best served with fresh vegetables, mushrooms, raw egg yolk, a slice of cheese, spring - onions, and sesame seeds
  • The noodles are firm in texture.

The verdict: Both varieties have a rich and flavorful broth that gives you an authentic beef taste for an instant noodle. If you love spicy food, the Nongshim is spicier than the Paldo’s Flamed Beef. Nevertheless, these are perfect for a meal any time of the day.

The Seafood Showdown

Nongshim Neoguri Noodles, Spicy Seafood, 4.2 Ounce (Pack of 16)

  • Made from real seafood ingredients
  • Its kelp ingredient is collected from the waters of Wando, South Jeolla.
  • The broth has a distinct spicy seafood flavor and the Udon-style noodle is thick and bouncy.

Paldo Seafood Noodle Soup Ramen 5 Pack

  • Hot and sour Korean-style seafood broth
  • Comes with a packet of dried vegetables, seaweed, and cuttlefish cakes
  • The noodles are the classic stringy ramyeon noodles.

The verdict: Nothing says comfort food like a bowl of hot seafood noodle soup, right? These two contenders are on the top of our list because of their rich flavor. It can give you an authentic restaurant-by-the-sea experience because of how fresh the seafood tastes.

If you like thick noodles, you can choose the Neoguri Noodles from Nongshim. On the other hand, if you want classic stringy noodles, then Paldo’s Seafood Noodle Soup is your champion.

Exploring Asia's Finest Flavors

The Udon Face-Off

(Pack of 6) Nongshim Tempura Udon Cup Noodle Soup 2.64 OZ

  • Japanese-style noodles with tempura flavored broth
  • Chewy Udon noodles with a savory, non-spicy soup base
  • Comes with a seasoning packet of tempura and fishcake garnish

Wang Katsuo Udon Microwaveable Noodle Bowl - Pack of 6

  • Japanese-style instant Udon bowl with a rich tuna-flavored soup
  • You can get authentic Japanese seafood in just three minutes.
  • Upgrade your instant ramen by adding some fishcakes, kamaboko, and sweet onion

The verdict: One of the best features of these two products is that both products are packaged in instant noodles cups. It’s perfect for on-the-go people or those who want to have a meal without having too many dishes to wash afterward.

All you have to do is pull the lid off and add some hot water. In the case of Wang Katsuo Udon, you will need to put it in a microwave for three minutes. Nongshim’s Udon Noodle soup is made from tempura, while Wang’s Udon Noodle Bowl is made from tuna.

Choose your fighter depending on what type of seafood you’re in the mood for!

The Pride of their Countries

Nongshim Spicy Kimchi Noodle Bowl - Pack of 12 - 3.03 oz.

  • The taste of Korea
  • Spicy kimchi flavored noodle soup that comes with real kimchi and authentic Korean flavor
  • Features noodles and vegetables in a rich broth with a distinct kimchi taste

Indomie Mi Goreng Hot & Spicy Instant Cup Noodles - Pack of 5 - 75g

  • The taste of Indonesia
  • Uses high-quality flour and authentic Indonesian spices
  • Comes with separate packets of seasoning powder, seasoning, oil, sweet soy sauce, chili sauce, and fried onions

The verdict: Is there really any competition? Both of these noodles are top tier, and they have a unique taste! It is now just up to you whether you are in the mood for some Indonesian or Korean noodles. Either one will give you an effortless satisfying meal with a great taste to boot and much more appreciation for the uniqueness of each cuisine.

The great thing about these ramen cup noodles is that even though they are ready to eat, they make sure to give you a wholesome meal by including real vegetables and meat pieces.

Nothing in the best instant ramens listed here has any synthetic flavors. Have we made you hungry yet? Head on over to Karman Foods and shop the top ramen flavors you want to try.

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