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Best Organic Barley Tea: Caffeine-Free Goodness Down to the Last Drop - Karman Foods

Best Organic Barley Tea: Caffeine-Free Goodness Down to the Last Drop


barley tea with mint on top and 2 pineapple cookies on the side

Best Organic Barley Tea: Caffeine-Free Goodness Down to the Last Drop


Every household probably has a box of loose-leaf tea in their kitchens for that instant fix of peace of mind to start the morning or end the night. But how often do you see caffeine-free tea in someone’s home?

Whether it’s for dieting, a good night’s sleep, or just a refreshing summer drink, prepare yourself a healthy brew of Organic Barley Tea and feel the difference in your mental and physical wellness with every sip. 

Compared to most Chinese tea that is usually made from the Camellia sinensis plant, barley tea is a grain-based drink made from none other than barley grains. It comes in a variety of names depending on the country: Damaicha in China, Mugicha in Japan, and Boricha in Korea. However you call it or whether you serve it piping hot or icy cold, you can expect exquisite roasted flavors with a slight bitterness down to the last drop. Its mildness makes it appealing to a variety of palates and can even be sweetened with a dash of sugar or a dollop of honey.

roasted barley seeds

The origins of barley tea date back to Japan's Heian era between 794 to 1185 where people drank parched barley flour and sugar dissolved in hot water. Eventually, military commanders would drink it mixed with alcohol during the Japanese Civil War era. During the Edo period, parched barley tea shops started to open and with the introduction of refrigeration in the 1950s, iced barley tea became the go-to summer drink. Barley is harvested during summer which makes it the perfect refresher during sweltering summers.

Technically speaking, barley tea isn’t tea but it’s loaded with just as many health benefits as your favorite loose-leaf tea. East Asians often drink barley tea to aid digestion, treat nausea, and even cleanse the body of toxins. Barley contains melatonin and tryptophan which work together to reduce stress and promote healthy sleeping patterns. Its cooling properties have even gained popularity among the British and is being enjoyed as a traditional softdrink. Since it’s caffeine-free, children and pregnant women can enjoy a warm brew for themselves. That’s how versatile barley tea can get!

Chung Jung One is one of South Korean market's leading food products, including hot pepper pastes, Korean dipping sauces, and even barley tea. Their Organic Barley Tea is packed with 30 teabags filled with 100% organic barley that yields 2 liters of tea per bag. It’s sugar-free, caffeine-free, and calorie-free, making this an incredible caffeine substitute for all you health buffs out there. 

Here’s how you can prepare barley tea from your homes with Chung Jung One Organic Barley Tea:


For a cool summer drink, add a teabag to a jug of cold water. One tea bag makes 2 liters of barley tea. Keep the mixture into the fridge to enjoy a refreshing drink. Add honey or sugar to taste, and add a garnish of lemon depending on your preference.


To make a dark, robust-tasting drink, add a tea bag (10g) to boiled water; remove the tea bag after about 10 minutes.

We recommend barley tea for those who are looking for a coffee drink substitute that cleanses, cools, and calms the body and mind. 

To reiterate, caffeine-free tea enhances our mental and physical wellness. Chung Jung One Organic Barley Tea is guaranteed to provide all this goodness down to your very last sip! Don't forget to fix a cup and get it hassle-free from Karman Foods online store.

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