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Celebrating Indomie Mi Goreng Flavors and Nunuk Nuraini's Legacy

Celebrating Indomie Mi Goreng Flavors and Nunuk Nuraini's Legacy

It was a sad end to January for midnight snackers and instant food enthusiasts. Nunuk Nuraini, the woman behind the well-loved Indonesian brand Indomie and instant fried noodle product Mi Goreng, passed away on January 27, 2021. Through Indonesian media outlet Kompas, Indofood has announced that Nuraini has “returned peacefully to Allah's lap”. She was 59 years old.

Foodies from across the globe mourned and paid tribute to Indomie’s flavor development manager, where Twitter users applauded Nurai’s genius for putting Indonesia on the map for creating the delicious Mi Goreng, Indomie’s best-selling product up to date.

Indonesia and the rest of the world might have lost a significant figure in the Southeast Asian food industry, but her legacy lives on as Mi Goreng finds its way in countless households as a hero that saves us from midnight food cravings.

History of Indomie

Indomie began producing chicken-flavored instant noodle soup products for the Indonesian market in 1972. Indomie literally translates to Indonesian noodles, where Indo means “Indonesia” and mie means “noodles”.

It wasn’t until 1982 that they introduced Mi Goreng, their first instant dry noodles variant inspired by the traditional dish of the same name. This product propelled Indomie’s popularity, not only across Indonesia, but across the globe, particularly in Nigeria and Australia.

What is Mi Goreng?

Mi Goreng is the instant noodle version of the traditional Mie Goreng. It may be influenced by Chinese cuisine but what separates Indonesian noodles from others is that it incorporates strong Indonesian flavors through a sweet soy sauce and spicy sambal.

Let’s celebrate Nuraini by having a look at Indomie’s Mi Goreng instant noodle flavors that you can enjoy at any time and almost anywhere.

Indomie Mi Goreng Flavors

1. Indomie Mi Goreng Chicken Rasa Flavor

You’ll never fall short of flavors when it comes to Indomie’s products. They have taken the well-loved flavors of their original Mi Goreng recipe to introduce a noodle soup variant in their line. Their Chicken Rasa flavored instant noodles is an easy and delicious way to have a taste of Indonesia’s unique flavors. Its rich and chicken curry-tasting broth will have you slurping away, instantly pleasing your taste buds and warming your tummies like a comforting hug after a long day. Temper the spiciness with separate flavor packets and complete the meal by adding a hard-boiled egg, vegetables, or mushrooms.

2. Indomie Hot and Spicy Mi Goreng Instant Cup Noodles

For an instant and lip-smacking perk up, Indomie’s Hot and Spicy Cup Noodles is a great option! What we love about this variant is that it has a sweet soy sauce flavor packet along with a chili sauce, so you can be the master of the spice level of your noodles. For on-the-go students or busy office workers, you only have to wait for 3 minutes to enjoy the unique taste of Indonesia’s spices with your instant noodles.

3. Indomie Barbeque Flavored Mi Goreng Instant Fried Noodles

The Barbeque Flavored Mi Goreng will make you understand why no one else does Mi Goreng like Indomie. Unlike other instant noodle brands, they use the best quality flour and native fresh spice to deliver bouncy noodles and explosive Indonesian flavors. You might pick this flavor because of its on-point spiciness but you’ll definitely ask for seconds when the heat blends well with the teriyaki-like sweet soy sauce.

4. Indomie Vegetable Flavored Instant Noodle Soup

Another broth version of Indomie’s famous Mi Goreng, Indomie’s Vegetable Flavored Noodle soup comes with a light and hearty taste that hits the spot every time. Made with authentic Indonesian spices, you can be sure that it’s the complete opposite of a bland and boring vegetable soup. Like other Indomie packets, its seasoning packets come separately so you can add a splash of dry seasoning or chili oil depending on your mood or preference. Make sure to garnish it with your protein or toppings of choice! We suggest fresh vegetables, soft-boiled eggs, and dumplings!

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Photo By Takeaway - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=48852595