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Comparing The Best Doenjang Brands From Korea

Comparing The Best Doenjang Brands From Korea

Gochujang, or Korean hot pepper paste, is not the only fermented paste from Korea that you should get your hands on. Let us introduce you to doenjang, Korea’s savory fermented soy bean paste, and some of the best doenjang brands that deserve a spot in your kitchen pantries.

What is doenjang?

Sometimes, you may also see these other labels that indicate the length of fermentation that the doenjang underwent:

Sometimes, you may also see these other labels that indicate the length of fermentation that the doenjang underwent:

Jaeraesik (재래식) – slowly fermented for 6 months or more
This type of doenjang is a byproduct of soy sauce production. When soy sauce is fermented and drained, the remaining soy bean solids are mixed with salt and chili powder and fermented for an additional 2-3 months to make doenjang.

Tojang (토장) – fermented for 1-2 months
This type of doenjang skips the process of soy sauce production all together. Meju blocks are immediately mixed with brine and naturally fermented. Because of this, much of the salty and savory flavors are preserved, making this a sharp-tasting doenjang variety.

Gyerangsik Doenjang (개량식된장)– factory-made
This type of doenjang doesn’t undergo the traditional fermentation process and typically includes koji starter, other preservatives, additional spices, and sugar. Most doenjang in your local marts are factory-made doenjang unless stated otherwise.

Types of Doenjang based on ingredients

When visiting your local Korean grocery mart, you will see that Korean pastes come in color-coded tubs. Doenjang usually come in brown tubs. However, you might wonder why the Hangul or Korean labels don’t look the same despite all of them being fermented soy bean pastes.

This is because there are different types of doenjang soybean pastes. Based on their ingredients, doenjang can be classified into these categories:

Hansik-doenjang (한식된장) – traditionally-made doenjang that uses only meju (Korean soybean brick) and brine; usually fermented for at least 6 months

Ssamjang (쌈장) – Seasoned doenjang that is a combination of traditional doenjang, gochujang, and other spices. Ssamjang comes from the portmanteau of ssam (wrapped) and jang (paste), which means wrapping sauce. A dollop of ssamjang is added on top of the grilled meat, rice, kimchi, chili, and other ingredients that are found inside your vegetable wrap.

Types of Doenjang based on fermentation

Doenjang is a Korean paste made with fermented soybeans and brine. It offers deep and complex umami taste with a subtle hint of sourness which is a common taste in Korean dishes. It’s one of the essential fermented seasonings in Korean cuisine, alongside gochujang or red pepper paste and ganjang or soy sauce.

Typically, Korean doenjang is used for jjiggae or stews and soups. When the doenjang soybean paste is seasoned, it is used for vegetable-wrapped barbecue.

Is doenjang the same as miso?

While both and made with from the same ingredients, namely fermented soybeans and salt, they are different in many ways, specifically in taste!

In Korea, doenjang is traditionally made with purely soybeans and salt. However, Japanese miso uses rice, wheat, barley, and a fermentation starter called koji on top of the fermented soybeans and brine.

Flavor wise, Korean doenjang presents a stronger flavor profile versus the mild and sweeter Japanese miso.

These differences mean that it wouldn’t be a wise choice to use one ingredient as an alternative to the other. But we love them both, just the same!

Where to buy doenjang?

As an essential condiment for Korean cuisine, you can easily find doenjang in your local Korean market or other online Asian groceries. Remember: look for the brown tubs!

You can also check out Karman Foodsdoenjang gallery to check out the best doenjang that’s already curated for you!

Comparing the Top Doenjang Brands

With all the available doenjang varieties with differing fermentation processes and place of origin, there really is no way to judge which doenjang brand tastes better than the other. It’s all a matter of taste preference and availability in the market.

Whichever brand you choose below guarantees a delightful Korean doenjang jjiggae to warm your tummies.

1. CJ Haechandle Doenjang Soybean Paste

True to their tagline, CJ Haechandle’s fermented seasonings harness the best of nature’s flow. Haechandle, which means “field under the sunlight”, is also a fitting name because they rely on sunlight and the natural flow of time to bring out the best taste out of every ingredient required to make gochujang, doenjang, and other sauces.

The result of this delicate process is a doenjang with a soft and sweet finish. Despite being a jaeraesik doenjang that underwent slow fermentation, it comes with light-hearted flavors with a weaker sour taste compared to traditional doenjang pastes.

Why you should buy this: This doenjang is perfect for those who are averse to the sour taste of fermented sauces and are more likely to enjoy a milder-tasting seasoning sauce that’s can be likened to the taste of miso.

2. Sempio Togul Soybean Paste

Sempio has been fermenting Korean pastes for over 70 years, making them doenjang expert in their own right. What makes their doenjang extra special is that the 100% Korean-produced soybeans go through a 6-month traditional fermentation process in an underground tunnel in Yeongdong-gun.

Sempio likens the process as aging wine, where low temperatures in the tunnel reduces the pungent smell of bacteria and deepens the umami flavor of the doenjang paste.

Why you should buy this: Apart from its superior taste, Sempio’s Togul Doenjang comes in an economical size of 900g. You’ll never have to worry about not having enough for your doenjang jjiggae. It also contains no additives or preservatives.

3. Chung Jung One Jaeraesik Soybean Paste

Chung Jung One’s doenjang paste is made from carefully selected soybeans that have undergone 9 different evaluations. Talk about quality control!

The soybeans are then washed and naturally fermented for over a month in Sunchang County, where conditions are most optimal for fermentation.

This product is also unpasteurized, which means that heat was not production, allowing the enzymes used in fermentation to remain intact. The result is a rich yet smooth tasting condiment.

Why you should buy this: Chung Jung One is one of Korea’s largest food companies who specialize in fermented products. When your expertise lies in fermentation and your products come from the heart of Korea’s fermented soybean district, your doenjang is bound to have a premium quality taste.

How To Make Doenjang Jjiggae

Doenjang jjiggae, or soybean paste stew, is a savory Korean soup dish that’s made with doenjang, dried anchovies, white radish, and your choice of other vegetables and protein. You can choose to add meat or seafood, like clams and prawns, but based on the name itself, doenjang is the main ingredient in this well-loved Korean dish.

We’ll take you through a no-frills recipe for making doenjang jjiggae that will give you a sense of nostalgia and calm. Get the best doenjang brands for your Korean stews delivered straight to your homes through Karman Foods Online Asian grocery!

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