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Eat Like BTS: A rundown on what fuels the Billboard Hot 100 #1 group

Eat Like BTS: A rundown on what fuels the Billboard Hot 100 #1 group

South Korean boyband and global superstars BTS have secured their first #1 Billboard Hot 100 spot with their digital smash hit Dynamite. This feat might be the icing on the cake, standing atop their many other achievements just for this single; breaking YouTube and streaming records left and right and writing history in the music industry. No doubt, there are no signs of stopping these boys from taking over the world (ehem, Grammys, ehem).

With their genius lyricism, catchy beats, incredibly relatable personalities, and a million-strong ARMY behind them, you’re left wondering, WHAT EXACTLY ARE THESE BOYS EATING TO FUEL THEIR WORLD DOMINATION?

New fan or not, we all want whatever it is they’re having! So here are some of the BTS boys’ favorite food that you can prepare right at home: 

Slurp on some gummy udon noodles with the
Koyo Organic Udon Noodles

The oldest member Jin has a livestreamed mukbang series entitled Eat Jin where he catches up with fans while indulging in different kinds of food, ranging from Korean favorites like kimbap, jajangmyeon, and udon, to Western picks like New York hotdogs and Chicago-style pizza.

Spice up your stews exactly like how Suga does it with the
CJ Haechandle Gochujang Hot Pepper Paste

Suga, along with Jin, is the resident cook and is playfully dubbed as Min Chef in their shows. Among the seven members, the rapper isn’t picky with his food and has dabbled on making Aglio olio pasta, gambas, and various Korean stews like buddae jiggae (spicy sausage stew), kimchi stew, and dak bokkeum tang (spicy braised chicken). During their reality show In the Soop, Suga prepared kimchi fried rice for the boys’ first meal of the day. Check out how you can prepare your own kimchi here!

Get an instant fix of black bean jajangmyeon with the ready-made
Chung Jung One Black Bean Sauce

Meanwhile, J-Hope and Jungkook might not be as skilled as their older teammates in cooking but they have whipped up some delicious jajangmyeon (black bean noodles), using 10 packs of instant noodles and even pairing it with rice for some extra carbs during their Bon Voyage Season 4 trip to New Zealand.

Jimin, on the other hand, volunteered to prepare some bibimyeon (spicy cold noodles) for the group's final dinner during their vacation, finding some time for impromptu acting with V along the way.

Prepare some nostalgic japchae with
Sempio Sweet Potato Glass Noodles

Last but definitely not the least, we can’t leave out RM and V. The two usually volunteer to clean up after the whole group finishes their meals given their self-proclaimed lack of prowess in the culinary arts. However, leader RM tried his hand at making japchae for the group’s 7th anniversary special, much to the excitement of the rest of the members. 

Make your tonkatsu extra crispy with
Kikkoman Japanese-Style Panko

V, on the other hand, has always been ready to lend a helping hand to the main chefs of BTS. During one of their variety show episodes, V was in charge of preparing the breading mix for their Japanese-Korean fusion dish tonkatsu kimchi nabe. He might not have the biggest role in the Bangtan kitchen but he plays a huge role in food presentation: Who can forget the iconic Squirrel in the Garden plating?

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