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Embark on a Virtual Asian Food Adventure with these Asian Vloggers - Karman Foods

Embark on a Virtual Asian Food Adventure with these Asian Vloggers

One way or another, we’re living our lives vicariously through the lives of the enthusiastic vloggers over at YouTube. With travel not normalizing anytime soon, watching travel and food videos is one way of satiating our wanderlust and foreign food cravings in the meantime. 

In fact, Karman Foods also has its own channel for some in-depth reviews and quick recipes on your favorite Asian food finds!

We might not be in the middle of the streets of Bangkok, or dining in the bustling center of Seoul, or taking adventures in Japan’s hidden gems, but we can bring the food experience right in our homes with a little help of Karman Foods’ Asian grocery finds and our favorite Asian foodies you should also be checking out today:

1. Maangchi
Subscriber Count as of writing: 4.9M

Maangchi is a New York-based Korean homecook who has been posting easy-to-follow traditional Korean video recipes since 2007. Among her famous video content are kimchi, Korean bbq or bulgogi, and black bean noodles or jjajangmyeon. When you’re on the lookout for Korean recipes, Maangchi probably has it already! What we love about her is her bubbly personality and simple instructions that will make anyone feel like you’re following your food-loving aunt or mom as she shares some tips and tricks on how to spice up your Korean food.

For a mouthwatering Korean rice cake snack, follow Maangchi’s tteokboki recipe with our gochujang and gochugaru.

2. Mark Wiens
Subscriber Count as of writing: 6.6M

Mark Weins is a Thai-based American foodie who initially started an Asian food blog before embarking on the vlog life. Now, he trots around the globe and shares his street food adventures for his 6.6M subscribers as of writing. However, since his homebase is in Bangkok, you can find a buffet of delectable food content centering on Thai cuisine. You can catch him digging in Thai curry dishes, hunting for the best pad thai straight from the streets, and navigating through Bangkok’s vast food markets for exotic food. Who wouldn’t want to travel for food? But while you take on a virtual adventure with him, try making your own Pad Thai from home with our quick Pad Thai recipe.

3. Just One Cookbook
Subscriber Count as of writing: 683K

Nami is a California-based Japanese food host for the channel Just One Cookbook. Japanese cuisine is a worldwide favorite but making Japanese dishes from home can sometimes be intimidating, given the preciseness and art-like approach to the recipes. However, one of the greatest things about Nami’s videos is that almost all of them are below 10 minutes (with some even as quick as 2 minutes!) and are incredibly easy to follow! From here on out, you can skip the trip to your local Japanese restaurant, save a few bucks, and confidently learn the beauty behind Japanese cuisine from your own roof!

Here’s a quick and easy Sukiyaki recipe that you can create with our udon, mirin, and soy sauce.

4. Seonkyung Longest
Subscriber Count as of writing: 1.55M

Seonkyung Longest is a Korean-born homecook who won Robert Irvine’s Restaurant Express. As the host of Asian at Home, you can expect easy-to-digest (see what I did there?) recipes that aren’t only limited to Korean cuisine, but also Japanese, Taiwanese, and Chinese cuisine. Her bright personality and simple setup allow you to follow the recipe in real-time with very minimal distractions. 

Explore our wide-variety of Teriyaki sauces so you can follow Seonkyung’s Chicken Teriyaki Recipe:

5. The Food Ranger
Subscriber Count as of writing: 4.42M

Trevor James is The Food Ranger and he’s a Chinese-based YouTuber who finds joy in traveling solely for food! He believes that food is the best way to connect and have a true cultural experience, which we really agree with! Some of his famous video content include Chinese street food, particularly the many ways to prepare and eat Chinese noodles. With an aptitude for the Chinese language and a flair for socializing, he’s able to walk us through a more in depth tour of the richness of Chinese culture and cuisine, going inside restaurant kitchens and off the beaten path destinations. Watching him is like traveling and eating with a local!

Join Trevor through his noodle adventures from the comfort of your bed by buying from our wide range of noodle products.

For more authentic Asian noodles and Asian products, visit our online Asian grocery store at Karman Foods.