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7 Highly Addictive and Low Calorie Asian Seaweed Snacks To Love - Karman Foods

7 Highly Addictive and Low Calorie Asian Seaweed Snacks To Love

A person making a maki roll with a bowl of rice, a platter of seaweed, and sliced veggies.

7 Highly Addictive and Low Calorie Asian Seaweed Snacks To Love

No one is ever too old for Asian snacks. Kids have them to trade with their classmates at school. 20-somethings have them in their office desks, ready to be enjoyed as a quick fix in the middle of a hectic workday. Even grown-ups have them in their pantry as a sentimental link to their childhood. Not to mention, they simply taste good.

Through every step of your life’s journey, relishing in Asian snacks will always be an enjoyable and nostalgic experience. If your household doesn’t have them, it’s not too late!

Annie Chun is known for their delicious, easy-to-prepare, Asian-inspired dishes that you can feel good about. One of their products is the irresistible roasted seaweed snacks that serve as a great entry-point to the flavorful world of Asian treatsUse these as rice toppings, for sushi rolls, kimbap, nori wraps, or as it is! Everything goes!

What’s extra special about these savory goodies is that they come in different kinds of Asian-inspired variants; even the picky-eaters will find it hard to resist having a bite. And you won’t even feel so bad about indulging in another pack because these lightweight, vegan, and gluten-free seaweed sheets contain only 25-80 calories--perfect for those looking for a satisfying diet snack.

1. Annie Chun Organic Sea Salt Seaweed Snack

A pack of Annie Chun's Sea Salt Seaweed Snack

Let’s start with a classic. This pack of this sea salt-flavored crispy nori snack allows you to relish in the natural sea salt flavors of seaweed as if it’s freshly harvested from the ocean and dried in front of you!

2. Annie Chun Organic Wasabi Seaweed Snack

A pack of Annie Chun's Wasabi Seaweed Snack

Commonly used with sushi, wasabi powder serves as the main seasoning of this seaweed snack from Annie Chun. If you’re a fan of chips with a bite of spice that rises to your nose, this snack is the best guilt-free option for you. You can also cut it up into little strips and use it as rice toppings or homemade rice ball onigiri, just as the Japanese would do it!

3. Annie Chun Organic Sesame Seaweed Snack

A pack of Annie Chun's Sesame Seaweed Snack

These sesame seasoned seaweed sheets offer a lip-smacking snacking experience, along with a savory dash of flavors thanks to its other ingredients like sea salt and organic rosemary extract. 

4. Annie Chun Organic Salt and Vinegar Seaweed Snack

A pack of Annie Chun's Sea Salt and Vinegar Seaweed Snack

For all you tangy flavor fans, Annie Chun has something for you as well! Lightly seasoned with sea salt, distilled vinegar, and rosemary extract, it’s a healthier and lighter alternative to other salt and vinegar-flavored junk food. This time, you’ll have enough room for a bottle of beer without feeling too bloated afterwards for a complete weekend snack.

5. Annie Chun Original Brown Rice Seaweed Crisps

A pack of Annie Chun's Seaweed Chips Original Flavor

Annie Chun levels up their roasted seaweed sheets by layering it over hearty and crispy brown rice chips for a savory snack like no other. You might think that these are unhealthy given their crisp texture but we promise you, it’s the exact opposite! These oven-baked goodies are lightly seasoned with organic ingredients and contain only 80 calories per serving. So go ahead, open one more pack. You deserve it!

6. Annie Chun Organic Gochujang-Flavored Seaweed Brown Rice Crisps

A pack of Annie Chun's Seaweed Crisps Gochujang Flavor

Enjoying the spiciness of the wasabi flavored nori snack? Annie Chun has another spicy flavor in their line-up of seaweed flavors--this time, it’s inspired by Korea’s gochujang. Expertly seasoned with some spicy Korean hot pepper paste or gochujang, you can enjoy an 80-calorie brown rice crisp snack that packs a perfect blend of sweet, spicy, and smoky flavors in every bite!

7. Annie Chun Korean-Style BBQ Flavored Seaweed Brown Rice Crisps 

A pack of Annie Chun's Seaweed Crisps Korean Style Bbq flavor

What makes Korean-style barbeque unique is that it’s sweeter and fruitier than what you’re probably used to. Now, you can enjoy the same sweet and smoky flavors with this brown rice crisp snack! It tastes so freaking good, you might be tempted not to share.

Discover and enjoy more Asian snacks at your trusted online Asian market, Karman Foods.