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How To Make Hotteok - Korean Sweet Pancake Recipe

How To Make Hotteok - Korean Sweet Pancake Recipe

Karman Makes Hotteok - Korean Sweet Pancake Recipe

Hello! Today I'm going to make the Beksul CJ, the sweet Korean pancake mix. This is what Korean people call Hotteok. Hotteok means like a snack, like a pancake, a Korean traditional snack on the street. This is very special, you can just mix the batter and then include all toppings, and it's very easy to enjoy this Korean snack. Okay, I'm going to show you what is inside. I'm going to open it.

So first there is the mix, the powder, this is the pancake, the powder mix, everything. And behind there some dry yeast, you can just split (separate) it. And then this is the stuff being mixed, sugar and some nuts and some dried fruit that's included inside. Okay, I'm gonna open everything. So first you can put everything in the bowl. This is a jam mix. This is the brown sugar and some tiny nuts are included. You have to mix the yeast and then the flour first.

We need warm water. Don't use too hot water because if it's too hot It won't work, the yeast won't be fermented. One pack needs 180 ml of warm water. You can mix the warm water with the flour and yeast first. If you think it's too dry, you can add more water just a little bit, but don't put too much because when you make the pancake to like this shape, it will be too sticky so don't put so much water.

Korean Sweet Pancake Mix, Hotteok

You have to wait for five minutes. Just cover it with plastic wrap and just put aside for five minutes until the batter is ready. Preheat the frying pan, you can use the small or large one but I'm gonna make one by one because you have to cook at very low temperatures because (if it's too high) it's going to be easier for it to burn. And so I'll make a preheat at very low temperature. I'm gonna explain one more time. This hotteok is H O T T E O K that's like a hotdog like an American snack like a hotdog or something like that. In Korea we enjoy it in the street it's very popular and you can enjoy it like a pancake. You can make a small size or a large size and whatever you want to do. And you can put in the topping also.

You can choose any extra nuts or some dry fruits or if you like a jam, you can put on the jam spread and you can enjoy it like that. And you can buy it in an Asian supermarket. Search for CJ Korean pancake mix. If you put the batter in the very hot temperature area, it's gonna be easier to be fermented. It's not ready yet so I'm gonna wait one second. And we need to put some oil in the pan. You can use any oil. The Olive oil or Sunflower oil but don't use butter if you just put in the butter, it's gonna burn so fast.

So just put the cooking oil and then if you want to make a circle shape. We need something special like a pancake presser, but I don't have, so you can use any spatula or any plate or any bowl, just (anything) flat on the bottom you can use for pressing. So I'm going to show you how to make the hotteok. Preheat is ready and you can put a little bit oil and coat the pan, this batter is so sticky. So you have to put some oil on your hands and you have to coat the presser plate too.

The pancake size does not matter if you want to make a big size or small size it doesn't matter but I recommend bigger than a golf ball or bigger than small apple-like size. You can use whatever size you want. So just take some dough and then press it in the middle. I'm gonna mix the sugar and nuts stuffing. You know, they called it a jam mix. I don't know why jam, in Korea we just use a spread, but you can say the jam mix and then just fold it like a dim sum, so you can make just like this and at the end, you can just make it tight and then I'm going to cook.

When you put in the frying pan, just flip one time first. And then after coating the presser you can press very slow. It is slow and you can feel that you know how much you have to press. There's no rule if you want to enjoy the very thin or the big size or whatever you want, you can press yourself you can make it your size. Okay. So, just press one more time and then, When you press the plate, you have to be careful because it's easy to break the dough. But you can fix it, you can add a little bit of batter and add it on. The hotteok we enjoy it in the wintertime.

We just buy (them hot) for like snacks. But now (we have) the hotteok mix, so we can enjoy it anytime. This is not too sweet but if you want it to be sweeter, you can put some more of the sugar. You can cook it very easily, you just mix, everything and then just put some, the sugar, jam mix and then just (flip) one or two times in a pan. This is good for the kids, kids love the sweet pancake dough.

You can put some vanilla ice cream and then put some of the syrup or some chocolate, you can enjoy like a pancake ice cream or something like that. You have to cook at very low heat because If there is a hole, it's easy to maintain the burning of sugar if it came out. I just cooked one piece because it has a pretty big size, but when you cook the whole pack, you can maybe get ten pieces of hotteok.

I'm going to add some ice cream. I'm going to show you what it looks like inside. The outside is very crispy. And inside the jam and the sugar and the nuts have melted. I like it crispy though. So I just pressed until the end. So when I pressed the plate, I just pressed to make it thin. You can put some syrup or some sugar powder too or any dried fruits. 

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