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How To Add a Christmas Twist to Your Favorite Asian Food Products

How To Add a Christmas Twist to Your Favorite Asian Food Products

Photo by Andreea Radu on Unsplash

The December air has become crisp and cold; the perfect time for food and beverages to warm the heart. The celebrations this year may be different. Some may be staying far from their families or some may be opting for a simple Christmas feast. One thing’s for sure: you deserve good food for making it through!

We’ve compiled the best Asian food products that you should begin including in your regular holiday food line-up to warm your stomachs and comfort your spirits:

1. Coffee

Maxim Original Korean Coffee

Ah, the season of indulgence! Dessert is one of the best parts of Christmas and what better way to perk it up than by transforming your usual cup of joe into an eggnog. Check out this easy Coffee Eggnog recipe from our archives!

2. Tea

Prince Of Peace Organic Premium Peony White Tea

Let’s face it. Wherever you are, 2020 was a complete headache and we wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve had twice the amount of tea you would normally do in a day just to calm your nerves.  Brew your tea as usual but for that distinct taste of Christmas, add a dash of cinnamon and milk for a merry kick of warmth, spice, and good vibes to bring out your holiday cheer. 

3. Pho

Annie Chun's Maifun Rice Noodles

Pho is definitely the food for all seasons, but it hits hard when it's eaten in the middle of a cold winter night. The soothing broth and bouncy noodles add a comforting touch to your Christmas feast, making it extra special for those in need of an alternative to a warm hug from a loved one.

4. Hot Pot 

For most of you, it might be a long time since your last hotpot meal. This Christmas is your best excuse to finally have a taste of your favorite comfort food from your homes with the help of one magic ingredient. Chop up your vegetables, prepare your chosen meat or seafood, and add a dash of Bullhead’s Barbeque Sauce for a spicy broth that’s enough to refresh your senses after the year that has been.

Whether it’s a warm drink or a dish that feels like an embrace, these are some of the simplest things you can gift yourself and your loved ones this Christmas. Complete your holiday menu with curated Asian grocery items from Karman Foods! For more authentic Asian Foods visit our online Asian Supermarket.