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How to Make Cappuccino Using Instant Coffee

How to Make Cappuccino Using Instant Coffee

November 8 is National Cappuccino Day and everyone’s invited to enjoy a cup, whether at home or at your favorite café! We spill the beans on how to make homemade cappuccino using instant coffee and explore health benefits of coffee that will make every coffee break feel good!

What’s in a Cappuccino?

Three things make up cappuccino: an equal ratio of espresso, steamed milk, and frothed milk.

It is said that the origins of cappuccino came from Capuchin friars who wore brown robes and long habits called “cappucios” that resemble the look of espresso that’s mixed with milk and topped with froth.

Its light and creamy flavors make it an ideal beverage for those who are looking for a gentle morning starter or a light pick-me-up.

Which is which? Cappuccino vs. Latte

The difference between cappuccino and latte is very simple. Cappuccino and latte both use espresso and steamed milk, but the only difference is that cappuccino is topped with milk foam for an added creamy and frothy texture to your drink. Latte, on the other hand, doesn’t have froth.

It definitely adds a gentle personality to your drink, especially when you’re the type of person who finds it delightful to have something airy to greet you on your first sip and leave you with a milky moustache afterwards.

Come to think of it, it kind of works as a dessert drink as it is!

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Trivia About Coffee: Cost of Cappuccino in Asia

Asia is home to some of the world’s biggest coffee producers and coffee drinkers! After Brazil, Vietnam and Indonesia lead the pack in producing coffee worldwide. But how much is a typical cup of cappuccino really?

Cost of cappuccino in Asia

Based on a number of sources, India has the most budget-friendly cappuccino in the region, followed by Southeast Asian countries who are also leading exporters of coffee. If you find yourself in Dubai, Hong Kong, and Singapore, a cup of cappuccino comes at a pretty steep price.

Sometimes, it’s best not to fight the caffeine cravings. Your health might benefit from enjoying a cup or two!

How to Make Cappuccino At Home

Like many things involving food, you can definitely save a lot more money when you make things at home. Seeing the average price of cappuccino across Asia, you might not notice your life savings slowly being poured away when you make cappuccino a daily habit.

But no judgment here! It’s great to treat yourself to your favorite store-bought brew once in a while. But what we will tell you is that as soon as you learn how to make your own cup of coffee, whatever kind it is, you can begin creating your own concoctions using different beans from all around the world and introduce your palette to some of the most amazing flavors that these countries have to offer—all while saving a couple of bucks!

We don’t have to go there immediately. Let’s take things slow: starting with instant coffee! Here’s a simple way of making cappuccino using instant coffee!

Instant Coffee Cappuccino Recipe

  1. Prepare your instant coffee mix according to packaging instructions.

  2. Fill 1/3 of your cappuccino cup with the instant coffee mix.

  3. Steam enough milk to fill another 1/3 of your cup. Stir in medium heat to prevent boiling.

  4. Pour the steamed milk over the coffee.

  5. Froth milk to complete 1/3 of your cup using a foaming wand. Spoon the foamed milk into your cappuccino cup and top with coffee, cinnamon, or chocolate powder.

Tips on Making Homemade Instant Coffee Cappuccino

The instructions above are pretty straightforward. If ever you do miss the measurements by a bit, it won’t be much of a problem since it should still taste fantastic. Coffee is very forgiving that way. But here are some tips for making café-worthy cappuccino on your first try.

1. Frothing milk without a wand

A frothing wand isn’t something you would usually find in your typical home kitchen. That doesn’t mean you can pass up on a cup of cappuccino!

No machines, no problem!

Fill a tight-seal jar with the amount of milk that you need and pop it in the microwave for half a minute—just enough to warm it up. Once done, give it a good shake until your milk turns into a frothy foam. Afterwards, take of the lid and pop it back into the microwave for 30 seconds.

For the best foam results, you’ll want to give your jug of milk a gentle swirl and tap it against the counter to remove bubbles.

2. Milk alternatives for cappuccino

To make your cappuccino dairy-free, you’re free to use any kind of milk alternative, like soy milk, almond milk, oat milk, and more. Just remember that when steaming your milk, you want to heat your soy milk at around 60 degrees and your almond milk for 54 degrees just so it doesn’t come to a boil.

3. Prince of Peace 3-in-1 Instant Cappuccino: A More Instant Cappuccino

For those who simply do not have the luxury of time and energy to whip up their own cappuccino, there’s always an instant solution for you. The Prince of Peace 3-in-1 instant cappuccino already has the golden ratio of instant coffee powder, non-dairy creamer, and skim milk powder, so you can enjoy a smooth and creamy tasting cup at any time of the day.

Each bag contains 30 sticks of cappuccino, making it an economical option should you wish to make it a daily habit.

Health Benefits of Coffee

Good news to coffee lovers! Several studies over the years are supporting coffee’s case as a healthy morning beverage.

Apart from the energy-boosting caffeine, coffee contains antioxidants that help reduce inflammation and prevent disease. We list some of coffee’s health benefits below so you won’t feel so guilty about drinking more than a cup of coffee a day!

1. It boosts your energy.

No surprise there! Coffee contains a stimulant called caffeine- something that we are all very familiar with. The caffeine is absorbed by your bloodstreams and travels to your brain where it fires up your neurons. Several studies links coffee to improvement of memory, mood, energy levels, reaction times, and other brain functions. Experience tells us that this is very true!

2. It improves your physical fitness.

Caffeine can pump up your adrenaline and prepare your body for strenuous activities. It breaks down body fat and turns it into your body’s fuel. A strong cup at least half an hour before going to the gym may be a great idea!

3. It lowers your risk of diabetes, Parkinson’s, and Alzheimer’s disease.

Research show that coffee drinkers have a much lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Apart from that, it is said that coffee drinkers have up to 60% chance of getting Parkinson’s disease.

Since coffee keeps us alert, it’s not surprising how drinking two to three cups of coffee can offer significant protection against developing Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

4. It makes you happy.

Coffee also has to contribute to your mental health. A 10-year study conducted with over 80,000 women show that drinking 2 cups of coffee a day lowers the risk of suicide by 60%. But always listen to your body! Too much coffee can also cause distressing palpitations, anxiety, and stomachaches.

5. It helps you live longer.

Since coffee steers you away from several diseases, it only follows that coffee can prolong your life. According to two studies conducted among 18-24 year old coffee drinkers, there was a 20% reduced risk of death in men and 26% reduced risk in women. The coffee life is indeed a happy life!

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With a lighter and creamier taste versus the strong Americano, each sip of a cappuccino serves as a gentle introduction to the wonderful world of coffee. With several health benefits and convenient ways of how to make cappuccino, coffee breaks have never felt so good. For more Asian coffee and other Asian grocery essentials, shop at Karman Foods!

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