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Karman Foods Holiday Gift Guide for Foodies 2021

Karman Foods Holiday Gift Guide for Foodies 2021

The spirit of Christmas is in the air! Before getting caught up in the holiday rush, better plan ahead and grab the opportunity to give a thoughtful holiday gift to the Asian food lover in your life.

We prepared an Ultimate Gift Guide for all types of foodies. The best part: we sell items in bulk so you can complete your Christmas shopping list in one go!

Check out today and have them delivered straight to your doorsteps just in time for the holiday gift-giving!

Gifts for Asian Coffee Lovers and Tea Addicts

For those who have worked tirelessly over the whole year, the gift of comfort and warmth goes a long way. Put a smile on the busy bees of your life by keeping their stock of coffee and tea filled right in time for another year ahead.

Korea's best-selling Maxim Instant Coffee is a great choice for those who are looking for a golden ratio of coffee, creamer, and sugar on the get-go. G7 3-in-1 Instant Coffee is also great for those who prefer a richer and complex blend of flavors in their morning brew. It's made from an aromatic combination of beans from Jamaica, Brazil, Ethiopia, and Vietnam that tastes and smells sensational whether iced or cold.

The Prince of Peace's line of tea is also a heartwarming gift idea for those who need to unwind and rest. They source their tea leaves from the mountains of China and have these brewed by Chinese herbal tea experts which gives it its premium taste and quality. There's white tea, black tea, green tea, and herbal teas that help relieve stress, anxiety, indigestion, and more that may help complete your Chinese food gift ideas.

One tea drink that will definitely bring a smile to everyone's face is milk tea! Canned milk tea is available in bulk so you can gift plenty to more people. The more boba, the merrier!

Asian Pantry Essential Gifts for Homecooks

Any home cook will feel thrilled upon seeing their pantries complete with the essentials. Save them a trip to the grocery by gifting them with Asian cooking staples that will let them cook to their heart's content.

First on the list is soy sauce which is just as important as salt in any Asian dish. You can use it as a dipping sauce for your sushi, as a marinade for your barbeques and steaks, and many more.

Another ingredient that will be a delight to unbox this Christmas is a bottle of sesame oil. Home cooks consider this as a magic ingredient that can make any recipe taste good. Its smoky and nutty flavor is what makes it a crowd-favorite, especially when used with Korean japchae and Chinese lo mein.

Don't forget to include fish sauce in your gift bag! While soy sauce gives off a kick of saltiness to your dishes, the briny taste of fish sauce adds depth to various Asian recipes, namely Pad Thai and Green Papaya Salad.

Any home cook would love to add texture to their recipes. Hoisin and oyster sauce are perfect gifts on that front. The latter offers sweet flavors while the latter balances it out with the savory taste of the oyster extract. We recommend buying or gifting these both as they effortlessly complement each other when used in recipes.

Rice vinegar completes our gift guide for home cooks. Its sweet and slightly tangy profile brightens dishes like salads, slaws, and pickled veggies. It's also the main ingredient that makes sushi rice so bouncy and delicious.

You've got sweet, sour, salty, and savory flavors all in one gift bag. It's so complete, you'd want it for yourself too!

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Asian Food and Gifts For Anime Lovers

Anime is home to several mouth-watering recipes. Bring animations to life by gifting the otaku or anime lover in your life with the real deal!

For starters, wrap up some instant udon so your loved ones can come close to experiencing Toyo's Udon that Tanjiro enjoyed in one of the episodes of Kimetsu no Yaiba. For fans of Haikyuu, help them complete the ingredients to Kageyama's favorite Japanese curry dish with S&B Curry. 

When talking about food in anime, you can never leave out recipes from Studio Ghibli! Ramen is a good gift to start with for fans who love Ponyo as much as Ponyo loves ham! Japanese rice is also a nice gift for those who enjoy homemade sushi and Bento Boxes, just like those in My Neighbor Totoro.

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Special Gifts For K-Drama Fans

It was a great year for Korean entertainment with Squid Game taking the whole world by storm. It's not too late to gift someone with dalgona candy.

For those who spent hours of quarantine binge-watching shows like Hometown Cha Cha Cha, surprise them with a tub of doenjang fermented soybean paste so they can cook the same doenjang jiggae that Gamri Halmeoni prepared for Ji PD.

For those who are still hungover from Crash Landing on You, help nurse their post-K-drama depression by gifting them with kimchi. Just like Seri and her neighborhood friends, you too can personalize your gifts and make homemade kimchi using key ingredients like gochugaru.

Another food mainstay in any Korean drama is a warm bowl of ramen. It's the perfect K-Drama viewing companion that can transport any K-Drama fan to the scene.

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Thoughtful Gifts For K-Pop Fans: BTS, TWICE, EXO, and more

While K-dramas won a lot of hearts, Korean music also swept the globe. Having a taste of what Korean pop superstars enjoy best is simply part of the fan experience.

For fans of BTS' Jin and RM, give them the gift of japaguri noodles so they have something to slurp on while watching their idols do a mukbang on V Live or Run BTS.

BTS are also fans of hotteok! If you're wondering where to buy hotteok that can be made at home, it is readily available online Asian groceries. All you have to do is wrap a ribbon around the box to turn it into a gift!

Another popular dish among KPOP idols is tonkatsu. Let the Kpop lover in your life enjoy the favorite food of BTS Jimin, EXO'S Chanyeol, and TWICE's Tzuyu by giving them two key ingredients for this recipe: tonkatsu sauce and panko!

For fans of MAMAMOO's Solar, SF9's Taeyang, and PENTAGON'S Yuto, a tub of gochujang hot pepper paste may be your best bet so they can make tteokboki rice cakes anytime! Not only that, gifting someone gochujang also unlocks several Korean recipes that they can try. That includes spicy ribs, spicy Korean barbeque, and more. Tteokboki is just the beginning!

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Asian-Inspired Christmas Gifts for Spicy Food Lovers

Any Asian food lover would delight in getting spicy food for Christmas! It's just the perfect combination! Vietnamese Sriracha and Korean Chojang are two spicy and tangy condiments that can keep your spicy food lover friend fired up. Chili garlic sauce is also a no-fail gift!

Challenge them to a leveled-up version of the Samyang spicy noodle challenge by gifting them Daebak Spicy Noodles. They'll be saying daebak after unwrapping your presents!

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Unwrapping a food present on Christmas Day can instantly brighten up the holiday mood. It's even more special when you put a lot of thought into which gifts suit the special people in your life. We hope we've made it easier for you to make the right decision for your Christmas shopping. Don't worry too much about having a full cart. Shipping is on us for orders above $49. Think of it as our present to you!

For all your Christmas grocery and gifting needs, shop now at Karman Foods!

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