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Karman Foods Made A Food Donation!

Karman Foods Made A Food Donation!

We have uplifting news to share with you! With your support, Karman Foods was able to make a large food donation worth $7000 to the New Life Chinese Alliance Church of New York for the Queens and Brooklyn community!

The impact of your purchase

Thanks to you, Karman Foods was able to donate Korean BBQ sauces, bulgogi marinades, and ready-to-use noodles and flavored noodle bowls for the New Life Chinese Alliance Church to distribute to anyone in need in the Queens and Brooklyn areas.

"Although we sell and deliver Asian groceries nationwide via our Karman Foods website, our home base will always be the New York City metropolitan area. We want to give back to our community as often as we can," said Karman Cheung, Founder and CEO of Karman Foods. "The pandemic made last year one of the toughest ones in memory for most people, especially recent immigrants and people trying to work their way up – and the challenging times aren't over yet. We understand it and try to be of help."

The Reverend Jiaji Sun is the Pastor of the New Life Chinese Alliance Church of New York and expressed gratitude for the food products contribution from Karman Foods. "We would like to express our deepest gratitude for the donation to our church. We thank Karman Foods for providing this much assistance. It will certainly benefit the Asian community in Queens and Brooklyn."

Read the complete press release here!

"We want to give back to our community as often as we can."
- Karman Cheung, Founder and CEO of Karman Foods

An Online Asian Grocery Retailer With a Purpose

As one of the fastest-growing U.S. based specialty food retailers online, we believe that success is best when shared. With our mission of providing the best customer shopping experience, we are more than happy to extend the care we have for our customers to the community.

At Karman Foods, we have a curated selection of Asian market groceries from China, Korea, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines. Unlike other Asian markets online that offer items of differing qualities, we’ve already selected the best Asian food products, so you don’t have to!

Browse our curated collections:

We also arranged our site to make it easier for you to browse, compare products, read product information, and sort by country or product type. Among our selections are money-saving options and hard-to-find specialty products for Asian food lovers, such as premium rice and imported teas, all at a competitive price.

Not only that, our store is continually improved and updated to reflect current shopping trends and consumer tastes, so you always a reason for you to go back!

While you purchase and enjoy our products, not only are you able to enjoy authentic Asian flavors, you also create opportunities for us to give back to those in need.

Continue supporting us!

More than being an online Asian market, we’re also active on YouTube!

In case you aren’t subscribed yet, Karman Foods’ YouTube channel is a popular destination for Asian grocery reviews, product demos, and delicious recipes. It’s a great place to learn about new and familiar Asian food products that you can get through our online shop.

Our videos are produced in a fun and easy-to-watch format. Plus, these videos are linked to our product pages which makes it easy for you to shop your Asian food essentials online.

Other popular videos:
- Making Kimchi Pancakes with Buchimgaru Korean Pancake Powder | Karman Foods Recipe
- Maxim Gold Instant Coffee | Karman Reviews
- Bulgogi Marinade for LA-Style Kalbi and Korean Japchae | Karman Cooks

What's next?

These have been difficult times for everyone, but your purchases, no matter how big or small, go a long way. Karman Foods might be an online Asian grocery market but we also strive to create positive impact offline.

We’re grateful for your patronage and look forward to initiating more community efforts with your help! For all your Asian grocery needs, shop at Karman Foods!

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