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Kings of Spice: Spicy Asian Food Products to Fire Up Your Spirits

Spicy food might not be for everyone’s taste buds but for those who can take the heat, the dining experience is never boring. Asian cuisine has always been closely associated with spicy food. Ever since chili peppers were taken to Asia by Portuguese explorers, this precious spice has been incorporated in Asia’s culinary culture, giving birth to well-loved spicy dishes that have developed their own unique, vibrant, and flavorful identity that we know of today.

Kings of Spice: Spicy Asian Food Products to Fire Up Your Spirits

Apart from the irresistibly explosive flavors, the pungent component of chili peppers called capsaicin is loaded with health benefits. Its antioxidant properties keep your heart healthy, promote weight loss, kickstart your metabolism, calm the gut, and prevent cancer. Trust us, the spice is worth the sweat!

From Korea’s red chili paste, Japanese-inspired Spicy Miso sauces, all the way to Thailand’s pungent curry pastes, Karman Foods has curated some of the best spicy Asian condiments that will have you feeling fired up and refreshed.

Grab a glass of water ready because you’re in for a hot ride!

1. Chung Jung One Gochujang Hot Pepper Paste

Chung Jung One Hot Pepper Paste

Red pepper paste, or Gochujang, is one of Korean cuisine’s prized traditional fermented condiments. Chung Jung One’s gochujang is produced in Sunchang, Korea where clean waters and moderate temperatures bring the best fiery flavors out of the red peppers. After being sun-dried, it’s carefully mixed with fermented soybeans and brown rice. The process of making this under the most optimal conditions alone makes this a superior choice of seasoning! Use it as a meat marinade, dipping sauce, soup flavoring, or making kimchi for dishes that pack a punch.

2. Taekyung Gochugaru Red Chili Pepper Flakes

Gochugaru is like gochujang but in a dry, flaky, powdery form. It’s also flavored with sweet, smoky, and even fruity undertones compared to its pastey counterpart. While both complement each other nicely and are equally great in adding heat, know that the difference in texture can make or break your recipe. Gochugaru is essential when using kimchi, but you can also use it as an all-purpose spicy seasoning for any other dish. A dash of Taekyung Gochugaru goes a long way because every pack contains 100% Korean sun-dried peppers, sourced and produced in clean and safe environments, for maximum flavor.

3. Mae Ploy Green Curry Paste

Let’s fly over to Thailand where green curry takes the crown for being the spiciest among Thai curry pastes and being the crowd favorite. Green chili peppers, cilantro, lime leaf and peel, and basil give this pungent paste its vibrant green color. Blended with some coconut milk, green chili, fish sauce, garlic, ginger, and shallots, you’ve got yourself a spicy paste that’s perfectly balanced with creaminess from the coconut milk. Sourcing all these ingredients can be difficult, that’s why Mae Ploy has everything that makes a flavorful and aromatic green curry in one tub! Use it to make Thai green curry chicken, beef, or green curry soup! 

4. Kikkoman Spicy Miso Teriyaki Sauce

Kikkoman is known for developing universally loved soy sauces. They’ve spiced things up by mixing miso, or fermented soybeans, with gochugaru and mirin to their soy sauce. The result is an irresistibly hot teriyaki sauce that adds depth to your meat, poultry, tofu, and even vegetables that can rival your favorite Japanese restaurant dishes.

5. Samyang Hot Chicken Flavored Stir-Fried Noodles 

How can we forget the spiciest of them all? Take your love for chili to the extreme with Samyang’s famous Hot Noodles!  Famously known in Korea as “fire noodles”, this buldak-bokkeum-myeon from Samyang is one of the spiciest noodles available in the Korean market. Unlike your usual ramen, this pack does not have a soup sachet and is meant to be prepared as a stirfry. It only takes 3 minutes to prepare but the time to finish it depends on your willpower and strength!

Spice up your dishes using these Spicy Asian Food Products

If you want to add a truly mouth-watering spicy flavor to your daily grub, try having Korean chili paste, Japanese spicy miso sauce, or Thai curry paste and feel a satisfying and tingling sensation to your mouth. Also, if you want to challenge your chili endurance, you can try the best-selling Samyang Hot Chicken Flavored Stir-Fried Noodles and break your hot-meter records. You can easily get these spicy Asian food products at Karman Foods online!