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My Best Instant Udon Noodle Bowls List

My Best Instant Udon Noodle Bowls List

We’ve talked about what udon noodles are in our Bukkake Udon blog post, but today, we’re talking about the best instant udon bowls I’ve ever tasted and why you should get your hands on them!

If you thought preparing traditional udon is easy, instant udon noodle bowls take convenience to another level! Because during a long and busy day, we all need a delicious and complete bowl of udon noodles ready in a matter of minutes.

What are udon noodles made of?

Udon noodles are primarily made from wheat flour. What sets udon apart from other noodles is that it’s thicker and bouncier. The broth is traditionally made with a combination of dashi, soy sauce, and mirin. Some common toppings are chopped scallions, tofu, sliced fish cakes, and togarashi powder.

There are several regional varieties of udon, all differing in toppings, broth, and taste, and are served hot or cold. Some udon recipes feature slow-cooked beef that takes almost 8 hours to cook, while some take as fast as 3 minutes to prepare, just like the instant udon bowls from Wang Korea that I’m featuring today!


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Best Udon Noodle Bowls

Wang Korea is one of my favorite instant udon bowl brands. It may be a Korean brand promoting a Japanese dish but they have thoughtfully preserved the Japanese flavors and ingredients in each noodle bowl.

Wang Korea also vacuum-seals its udon noodles to ensure freshness and retain that signature bouncy texture of the thick noodles. The best part: these udon bowls come in packs of 6, so you’ll always have enough for friends, family, and yourself for when the noodle cravings hit!

Without further ado, here are the best Udon Noodle Bowls I’ve tasted:

Annie Chun's Seaweed Snack - Wasabi - .16 Oz.
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Katsuo is Japanese for skipjack tuna which is typically used in many traditional Japanese dishes, including udon! What I love about this udon bowl is the rich and umami-filled tuna flavors of the broth. It also includes an extra packet of bonito flakes to add smokiness to the whole udon bowl. Plus, the dried veggie sachet includes kelp and dehydrated fishcakes that will remind you of the sea with every sip!

This instant udon bowl is great on its own but I like taking the flavors up a notch by adding slices of fishcakes, more bonito flakes, and sweet onions as garnish.

WHY YOU SHOULD BUY THIS: If you love seafood-flavored noodles, this udon bowl is the one for you. Wang Korea really didn’t skimp on flavor and included a total of three seasoning packets, including bonito flakes, dried veggies, and a tuna-enriched soup base.

Korean and Japanese flavors fuse together to create this bulgogi-flavored udon bowl–and we love slurping on it! The beefy bulgogi broth perfectly complements the plump texture of Japanese udon noodles. Since bulgogi means fire-grilled meat in Korean, it has a sesame oil seasoning packet that adds a smoked flavor to the soup base.

It’s super easy to level up these noodles too! I recommend that you garnish these noodles with your leftover veggies like carrot strips, leeks, and even Korean dried laver. In just 3 minutes, you’ve got yourself a rich-tasting beef udon that rivals your neighborhood restaurant’s noodles.

WHY YOU SHOULD BUY THIS: That smokiness from the sesame oil will have you reaching out for this udon bowl again and again! Plus, unlike other instant noodle brands, most of Wang’s instant food products have no MSG, no preservatives, and 0g trans fat. Plus, it only has 290 calories! That’s less than most instant noodles and some pasta dishes.

Annie Chun's Seaweed Snack - Wasabi - .16 Oz.
Sold out

Annie Chun's Seaweed Snack - Wasabi - .16 Oz.
Sold out

As a Korean brand, it’s no surprise that Wang Korea also has a spicy chicken noodle product in its line. But instead of going for the typical stringy noodles, they used thick and chewy udon noodles. Since this is meant to be prepared as a stir-fry, the spicy sauce really sticks to the noodles. When slurping on your thick udon, you’ll definitely feel your lips tingling from the heat!

Add in soft-boiled egg and protein of choice to make it even more filling. Don’t forget to have cold water or milk with your side to temper the spice.

WHY YOU SHOULD BUY THIS: Apart from the mouth-tingling spice, the plump udon noodles add an irresistible texture to this instant bowl. The more you chew on it, the more spicy chicken flavors you’ll taste. Available in packs of 6, take on the spicy noodle challenge with an udon twist with friends!

A hearty broth is what you need to cure the blues. Wang Korea brings all the hallmark ingredients of kitsune udon in one instant noodle bowl, namely a dashi broth, seasoned fried tofu, fish cakes, green onion flakes, and laver.

The word kitsune means fox in Japanese and according to Japanese mythology, these creatures love tofu from this soup dish. That’s why even in instant kitsune udon bowls, you can find seasoned fried bean curd or tofu!

You can upgrade this bowl by adding enoki, shitake, or any mushroom of your choice, and maybe another slice of seasoned tofu!

Kitsune udon is the complete package. It has the iconic seasoned tofu. It has a sweet broth with hints of umami seafood goodness. It has bouncy udon noodles soaking in all those flavors. Overall, it’s a large, filling, and wholesome noodle dish! What’s not to love!

Wang Korea makes delicious and filling Japanese udon accessible through its instant udon noodle bowls. Whatever your udon preference is, whether it’s sweet, spicy, briny, stir-fried, hot, or cold, make sure to buy products and ingredients from trusted Japanese groceries to help you achieve authentic-tasting udon noodles.

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Ingredients to Upgrade Your Noodles

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