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Our Top Plant-Based Soy Milk Drink Picks from Vitasoy

Our Top Plant-Based Soy Milk Drink Picks from Vitasoy

On the lookout for the best plant-based milk alternatives? Soy milk is healthy, affordable, and undoubtedly delicious but if we’re talking about soy experts here, Vitasoy is up the ranks!

History of Soy Milk from Vita Soy

Vitasoy’s origins start back in March 1940 where founder Dr. Lo Kwee Seong was on the move to provide the people of Hong Kong a nutritious, protein-rich, and affordable alternative to milk delivered door-to-door to address scarcity and lactose intolerance of most Chinese.

After the war, retail sales for soy milk began picking up, prompting the establishment of a new factory. By the mid-70s, Vitasoy became the first company in Hong Kong to utilize the Tetra Pak packaging, or the boxed paper carton packaging that we are familiar with, to improve shelf-life of their soy milk without refrigeration.

Today, Vitasoy drinks like soy milk, flavored milk, teas, and juices, are being sold in over 40 markets across the globe, solidifying their position as the soy experts.

But what makes them soy experts?


Vitasoy built their reputation from the ground up, literally!

They only use healthy, non-GMO soybeans grown from the best possible soil and water, permitting the soybeans to soak up as many nutrients as they could. Remember: healthy soybeans are also the best-tasting ones!

Vitasoy also practices strict quality standards to ensure that their soybeans have the proper protein and fat content. These standards are implemented across all their markets so the soybeans remain nutritious and delicious wherever you’re getting their products from.

Health Benefits of Soy Milk

The health benefits of soy milk is a long one!

For starters, soy milk is rich in protein which promotes muscle and organ health. It’s an abundant source of omega-3 fatty acids which are linked to improved brain health, particularly reducing the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Soy milk also contains potassium that plays a significant role in lowering blood pressure and cholesterol while regulating your pulse. Each drink also serves as a refreshing energy booster thanks to its vitamin B and isoflavone components.

Not only is it good for your health, it’s good for the environment too! Like most plant-based products, soy milk production consumes fewer natural resources than in meat or dairy.

Truly, a little soybean makes a big impact!

Best-Selling Vitasoy Products

We’ve curated the best Vitasoy products we could find so you don’t have to! Take your pick, pack it conveniently in your bags, and enjoy these refreshments at any time of the day.

1. Vitasoy Original Soy

Starting with the original soy flavor and the pride of Vitasoy, indulge in smooth and silky soybean flavors that natives of Hong Kong have loved for over 70 years! This low-calorie dairy milk alternative can get you through days when you need a nutritious and delicious energy boost. Packaged in a juice box, pop in a straw and enjoy it cold, or pour it over a bowl of cereal right before heading to work!

2. Vitasoy Melon-Flavored Soy Drink

Vitasoy adds a fruity twist to their original soy milk recipe by infusing sweet honeydew flavors in the mix. The kids will be thrilled to have a taste of sweet fruit flavors in their usual cup of milk! Pack it in their school lunch box and wait for them to come home asking for more.

3. Vitasoy Coconut-Flavored Soy Drink

Soy milk is already loaded with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants on its own but by adding coconut, you get twice the nutrition and flavors to complete your day. Sipping on this drink will transport you straight to windy days by the tropics thanks to its coconut aroma and refreshing soybean taste.

4. Vita Sugarcane Flavor

If you love Vitasoy’s soy milk products, you’re sure to enjoy their Vita line of drinks too! Vita is Vitasoy’s sister brand which offers juice and tea drinks that are well-loved in Hong Kong and Southeast Asia. Vita Sugarcane Flavored drink is made from natural cane sugar that adds a healthy amount of sweetness to your day. Compared to refined sugar, sugarcane is rich in essential nutrients that build energy and counter dryness and fatigue-- the ideal refreshment for summer days!

5. Vita Crysanthemum Tea Drink

Boxed tea drink? You heard it right. Vita’s Crysanthemum Tea Drink refreshes and relaxes your mind. Instead of getting sugar rush from desserts or buzzing from caffeine, the tea drink is infused with floral aroma, cooling properties, and reduced sugar content that will help you unwind in the best way possible.

Vitasoy has come a long way. Thanks to them, more and more people can appreciate the taste and nutrition behind a handful of refreshing Asian drinks whenever they want and without having to head to Hong Kong!

Choose your pick of plant-based, lactose-free, and dairy-free soy milk, teas, and juices from Karman Foods!

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