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Premium Quality Asian Health Supplements to Balance Your Chi - Karman Foods

Premium Quality Asian Health Supplements to Balance Your Chi

Traditional Oriental medicine’s history dates back to over 2,000 years where the body’s vital energy, called chi or qi, is believed to circulate through channels that are connected to bodily organs and functions. The role of herbal medicine is to balance this energy so you can enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

While some have their hesitations on its efficacy, the dietary supplements we see in our pharmacies and local groceries today combine natural Chinese or Korean herbs (like the ginko biloba pictured above) with compounds so you can fully experience the herbs’ anti-inflammatory and antioxidant health properties, including improvements in blood circulation, disease prevention, and aging control, among many others. 

If you are taking any prescription medicine or have pre-existing medical conditions, make sure to consult with a healthcare professional before taking these health supplements.

Once you’re in the clear, these dietary supplements may be the key in rejuvenating your body’s chi. This is available in our online Asian Supermarket.

1. Prince of Peace Supreme Beijing Royal Jelly with Bee Pollen

a box of Prince Of Peace Supreme Beijing Royal Jelly With Bee Pollen

Royal Jelly is a gelatinous substance that worker bees produce in order to feed their queen and their young. It’s known to extend the queen bee’s lifespan to 30-40 times longer than worker bees. This has also been used in traditional medicine due to its potential antioxidant and anti-inflammation properties, on top of a number of vitamins and nutrients that can support a healthy immune system, brain function, and blood pressure. Blended with bee pollen, a vial can contain no less than 22 amino acids, 27 minerals, biotin, natural enzymes, coenzymes and hormones.

2. Prince of Peace Ginko Biloba and Red Panax Ginseng Extract

box of Prince Of Peace Ginkgo Biloba And Red Panax Ginseng Extract

Ginko Biloba has long been regarded as one of the most valuable herbs and essential supplements in China, Japan, and Korea for thousands of years where it is mostly used as a supplement for memory support or brain health. Formulated with Red Panax Ginseng Root Extract from China's Chang Pai Mountain using advanced processing techniques, this health supplement promotes natural energy, healthy blood flow, and optimal immunity in your body. 

3. Prince of Peace Red Panax Ginseng Extractum Ultra Strength

A box of Prince Of Peace Red Panax Ginseng Extractum Ultra Strength

While it’s known to target memory and thinking skills, Panax ginseng is often referred to as a general well-being medication, because it affects many different systems of the body. These additional health benefits include reduced fatigue, improvements in sexual function, and improved lung function. Grown and sourced in the Changpai Mountain in China, each vial contains only high-quality natural ingredients which undergo a traditional low heat process to preserve its natural components.

A Red Ginseng with Royal Jelly Health supplement is also available here.

4. Prince of Peace Korean Red Ginseng

a bottle of Prince of Peace Korean Red Ginseng

Among the ginseng variants used in traditional oriental medicine, Korean Red Ginseng is the most widely used. Grown for 6 years from the nutrient-rich soil of Korea, it was traditionally used as treatment for weakness and fatigue. However, like most of the health supplements in this list, Korean Ginseng is known to improve overall health, particularly to regulate moods, strengthen the immune system, and improve cognition.

5. Prince of Peace Ultra Strength Joint Health Liquid Extract Formula

a box of Prince of Peace ultra joint health liquid extract

Our body’s ability to generate nutrients for muscle and bone strength declines as we age. This health supplement addresses this particular pain point with a special formulation of Glucosamine and Chondroitin. The former supports the necessary building blocks of cartilage, while the latter forms, nourishes, and replaces collagen that serves as a shock absorber and cushion for our bones and joints. This liquid formulation goes down easily and helps for faster absorption so you can enjoy everyday activities with a renewed strength. For your Asian market needs, visit our Asian grocery store