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Simple Asian-Style Hoisin Glazed Christmas Ham Recipe

In most countries, the holiday spirit only kicks in when December arrives. But in the Philippines, Christmas season starts very early and ends just as late. We're talking Christmas carols playing as early as September 1, and family feasts lasting all the way to January, or maybe even February!

To kickstart the festive mood here at Karman Foods, we're sharing our Asian-Style Hoisin Glazed Christmas Ham recipe that you can either start making now, or save for later for when holidays really start!

Adding an Asian twist to your Christmas Ham is easier than it seems. All you need are four ingredients to make a glaze that can turn your classic ham recipe into a sticky, sweet, savory, and mildly spiced Asian-style Christmas Ham.

We borrowed this delightful easy-to-make Asian Hoisin Glazed Christmas Ham recipe from cookin_nurse at A quick trip to the Asian grocery or a few clicks from Karman Foods is more than enough to complete your ingredient list!

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