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Korean Soybean Paste Doenjang Jjigae Recipe - Karman Foods

Korean Soybean Paste Doenjang Jjigae Recipe


Hello. Today I'm going to make a Doenjang. This is a Sunchang mild Doenjang paste. This is soup base has raddish and I put some anchovy and dry seaweed and you can make a stock. This is a traditional Korean bean paste Doenjang soup. The American people know the miso soup. In Korea we call it Doenjang (soybean paste).

What is in soybean paste?

Soybean paste or Doenjang (된장; "thick sauce"), in Korean, is a kind of fermented bean paste formed from ground soybeans and brine. It's an intermediate product of soy sauce production. Typically utilized as a relish to enhance plain food.

Doenjang and miso is a little bit different the miso is very light, but Doenjang is very strong and they taste more delicious.

How does Doenjang soup differ with miso soup?

Traditional Korean doenjang is mainly composed of soybeans and salt. Miso is usually made with an added koji starter to rice (in addition to soybeans) which produces a lighter and sweeter taste. In terms of flavor, miso is milder, smoother and sweeter. Doenjang is stronger, sharper, deeper and more complex in its flavor profile.

You can pour the cold water and then we'll remove the raddish. After boiling the water. I mean the stock or soup base, you can pull out the pack (of anchovy). In Korean market, you can buy the package like a full stock. And then we can put some Doenjang paste.

Chung Jung One Mild Doenjang Soybean Paste

Maybe one scoop and one more. I think we'll have two and half spoon, but later after you taste you can put some more or if you feel like it's salty you can just put some more cold water. After you open the doenjang, you can keep it in the refrigerator. I already prepare the vegetable the reddish, onion and tofu. I'm going to make today the non pack heavy miso soup, i mean Doenjang jjigae. You can put some raddish, onion, tofu and cabagge you can put it first, but I like it more crispy so you can put it later. After cooking the Doenjang jjigae. I like it spicy so I'll put some jalapenos sliced and frozen. I just prepare every vegetable so you can wait until it boils. This is Gochugang Haechandle hot pepper paste. I'm going to mix it with the Doenjang paste and then hot Gochugang paste together because, you can enjoy only the bean paste, I mean the Doenjang paste, but if you mixed it together. It's a little bit more Spicy and it's good for me. Especially this has more spicy flavor Haechandle Gochugang. I used almost everything, I'm going to use it for this. Then I'm going to open a new one. This has a hot flavor. Wow!

Maybe one scoop.

The rice cake with a hot pepper paste and the fish cake together like a Korean snack. I'm gonna use Gochugang to make a toppoki.

Today I just prepared some onion and raddish, but you can put whatever vegetable you like, I recommend zucchini and or potato and you can put any vegetable because it is a very good combination with the Doenjang jjigae. Doenjang is one of the essential traditional fermented bean paste. So you can get a lot of the bio stuff that's good for your Health. You can enjoy it with white rice or after you eat a barbecue.

In Korea we eat that with rice and after we finish the barbecue we enjoy the Miso soup. I just put a lot so I'm gonna wait one second for it to boil. Then later I'm gonna put cabbage. You know kimchi right? So kimchi we make it with lots of cabbage, but kimchi means the pickled vegetable we call it kimchi. So this is just kimchi the most popular one is non pack heavy kimchi. In Korea we have minimum 300 different kinds of kimchi in Korea. So next time I'm gonna show you how to make kimchi too using the Gochugang.

So today I'm gonna wait until it boils. Okay, let's check the Doenjang soup that we made. That's good the vegetables are cooked. So I just put the tofu in the soup. If you like softer tofu you can always put it in later. So I just put the tofu in (earlier). I'm gonna split it half and half. I like a softer tofu so I put the half of it first, half at last. I'm going to wait for it to boil one more time. Today I made the Doenjang jjigae using the Doenjang paste. So what about trying it next time yourself? Okay, Thank you!