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The 3 Essential Pastes for your Korean Cooking


Korean Cuisine has 3 essential paste for cooking.  For all those who do not know they are Gochujang, Doenjang and Ssamjang. These pastes are the base flavors for countless Korean dishes, from barbecue, kimchi, bulgogi, to hot pot soups. 

1. Gochujang

  1. Gochujang

    Gochujang is another word translated to hot pepper paste. Gochujang would be the most popular Korean paste there is. You can do many things with gochujang. You can make soups, marinate meats and even use it as a dipping condiment.

  2. Ssamjang

    Ssamjang is another popular Korean paste. It is also called Seasoned Soy Bean Paste. It is exclusively used a dipping sauce. You can dip vegetables and also add it to barbecued meat and wrap it around lettuce. You only need to use very little because it does taste pretty salty.

  3. Doenjang

    Doenjang is the last Korean paste. It is made from fermented soybeans over a period of time. The longer the fermentation, the higher quality it is considered. It does have a pungent smell and the longer it is fermented the stronger the smell. It is mostly used in stews and soups.

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