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Trick or Treat with Prince of Peace Ginger Chews

Trick or Treat with Prince of Peace Ginger Chews

While the West celebrate the spooky season by dressing up in scary costumes and visiting homes for trick or treating, most Asian countries in the other side of the world celebrate the end of October by remembering their departed loved ones. In this blog, let’s explore Asia through some of the famous ghosts that make up diverse folklore and how Halloween is celebrated across the region.

As a bonus, we have a list of must-try Asian candy from Prince of Peace that can spice up the Halloween trick-or-treat loot!

Asian Halloween Treats and Traditions

While the spirit of the holiday is centered on commemorating the souls of our departed loved ones, celebrations still vary from country to country.

1. The Hungry Ghost Festival: China, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, etc.

While this holiday is celebrated in August, we’re still adding it to our list as it involves spirits—particularly hungry ones! Instead of kids knocking on your door, it’s spirits who’ll come visit for some treats.

On this day, the gates of hell for our dearly departed to roam the earth in search of food and other worldly pleasures. Rice, tea, vegetarian dishes, and food items that symbolize luck are offered to appease the spirits of roaming ancestors. On the last day of festivities, lotus-shaped lanterns are floated down the river to guide wandering spirits back to the afterlife.

It is also a time for family to come together and learn all about the value of familial relationships, abundance, and charity.

Food Offerings For The Hungry Ghost Festival

4. The Kawasaki Halloween Parade: Japan

While the Japanese also celebrate the Hungry Ghost Fest in August, the Kawasaki Halloween Parade is the highlight of October. The Kanagawa Prefecture hosts an annual Halloween Parade where thousands go dress up in their most unique and terrifying costumes in hopes of winning a grand cash prize.

In 2018, it invited a crowd of over 100,000 and the cash prize was a coveted 500,000 yen!

It’s not all spooky! Kids are welcome to join the parade in family-friendly costumes and join the festivities through other events.

3. Pitru Paksha: India

This Hindu custom is also a celebration of departed loved ones. Food offerings, like Kheer, lentils, pumpkin, rice, and lapsi, are cooked using silver and copper vessels and are commonly placed in leaves. Vegetarian food is consumed and sobriety is practiced during this 16-day celebration.

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Asian Ghost Story Creatures and Characters

  1. Kappa, The River Demons – Japan: Friendly river demons that are the size of children with scaly skin, turtle-like shell, and a love for cucumbers!

  2. Manananggal, The Split Vampire – Philippines: A vampire shapeshifter who flies with its body cut in half in search for pregnant women and their unborn baby.

  3. Mae Nak, The Vengeful Wife – Thailand: A Thai ghost story favorite, Mae Nak is a female shapeshifting ghost who terrorize the people of Phra Khanong for causing her husband’s abandonment of her and her unborn child.

  4. Pocong, The Shroud Ghost – Indonesia: A soul of a dead person who is trapped under a burial cloth. Its appearance depends on the corpse’s condition at the time of death and state of decomposition.

  5. Jiangshi, The Hopping Vampire – China: A reanimated corpse that is dressed in garments from the Qing Dynasty and hops with its arms outstretched.

  6. Pontianak, The Pregnant White Lady – Malaysia: A female blood-sucking spirit that rips through the internal organs of men.

  7. Gumiho, The Nine-Tailed Fox – Korea: A shapeshifting fox that typically takes the form of a beautiful young girl to seduce and feast on men.

  8. Jokkho, The Guardians – India: Benevolent warrior-type entities that protect the hidden treasured of the earth; said to bestow fertility and wealth upon their devotees.

Halloween Trick-or-Treating in Asia

Apart from long-standing traditions, Western influences have now caught on in the same countries. You’ll still see pumpkins, creative costumes, and candy! In Thailand and Vietnam, pumpkin-shaped sticky rice is served for kids. Costume competitions are typical for kids and adults alike.

Trick or treating is also practiced, especially by kids! Instead of giving sweet chocolate, why not opt for healthy Asian candies that taste delectable but are packed with health benefits. Your kids won’t even know it!

Trick or Treat with Prince of Peace Ginger Chews

Apart from being an essential ingredient in Asian cooking, ginger also makes for a great candy ingredient. And when candy doubles as a soothing medicine, wouldn’t that make for the best Halloween trick or treat candy for the kids?

Ginger has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that comfort the stomach, alleviate nausea, promote healthy blood circulation, and warm the sense. Prince of Peace’s line of ginger chews is 100% natural, gluten-free, and vegan, making it a healthy trick-or-treat candy option that’ll give trick-or-treaters a natural health boost.

The best part? It comes in numerous kid-friendly flavors that easily trump other overwhelmingly sweet and cavity-inducing candy. Talk about an underrated Halloween Trick or Treat Candy!

1. Prince of Peace Original Ginger Chews

For ginger spice lovers, the OG Ginger Chews flavor is for you! Made with 100% natural ginger and cane sugar, this chewy treat comes with a perfect blend of sweet and spicy flavors to tickle your taste buds. It comes in individually packed chews so you can store some at home or carry them on the go. If you’re easily nauseated on long drives or flights, simply unwrap one of these delectable treats for instant stomach and nausea relief.

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2. Prince of Peace Ginger Lemon Chews

Who doesn’t love a classic sour candy? Add in the natural benefits of ginger in the mix and you’ve got yourself a candy treat that tastes and feels good. Infused with natural lemon flavoring, experience a burst of bright and zesty citrus taste that will make your mouth pucker in delight.

3. Prince of Peace Mandarin Orange Ginger Chews
These aren’t just your regular orange-flavored candy. Mandarin oranges are sweeter kind of oranges that adds a juicy twist to your ginger candy. Its bright flavors will surely satisfy the candy cravings of kids and adults alike!

4. Prince of Peace Mango Ginger Chews

Feel the warmth of the tropics in your tummies by popping one of these fruity treats in your mouth! The pleasant mix of mango and ginger flavors is a crowd-favorite. Its ingredient list includes virgin coconut oil which doubles the antioxidant properties that already comes naturally with ginger. Feel an energy boost and the comfortable warmth of the summer with every chewy bite!

Halloween in Asia is a balance of formalities and festivities. While we make sure that the spirits who come knocking at our doors are happy through food offerings, we surely know how to make it equally happy for the living through trick-or-treating or simply having dinner with the whole family.

Whether you’re looking for food offerings or Halloween candy, make sure to check out Karman Foods for all your Asian grocery needs.

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