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Comparing The Best Doenjang Brands From Korea

Comparing The Best Doenjang Brands From Korea

Gochujang, or hot pepper paste, is not the only fermented paste from Korea that you should get your hands on. Let us introduce you to doenjang, Korea’s savory fermented soybean paste ...
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How To Make A Glaze for Korean Chicken in 5 Ways

How To Make A Glaze for Korean Chicken in 5 Ways

You’ve seen it in Korean dramas, in Korean variety shows, in mukbangs. Not to mention ...
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15-Minute Bukkake Cold Udon Recipe

15-Minute Bukkake Cold Udon Recipe

Here comes the sun! Cool off this summer with this super easy Bukkake Cold Udon Recipe ...
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Your Guide to Sustainable and Proper Etiquette for Eating Sushi

Your Guide to Sustainable and Proper Etiquette for Eating Sushi

Marine Day, or Umi no Hi, is a Japanese national holiday that celebrates the ocean and its abundance. To commemorate the festivities ...
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How Spicy is the Samyang 2x Hot Chicken Ramen Exactly?

How Spicy is the Samyang 2x Hot Chicken Ramen Exactly?

Been watching some Korean spicy noodle mukbangs? The burning question in your minds must be: How spicy is the Samyang 2x Hot Chicken Ramen exactly?
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Simplified Vietnamese Pho - Karman Foods

Simplified Vietnamese Pho Recipe

Whenever I finish a bowl of hearty pho, I ask myself: how can something so rich in flavor feel so light in the tummy? We’re breaking down the anatomy ...
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Fresh Vietnamese Spring Rolls with Peanut Sauce Recipe

Vietnamese Spring Rolls is a great way to bring your leftover herbs and vegetables back to life. Not only is it a joy to eat, but it's also fun to make by yourself, with friends, and with family!
Vietnamese Spring Rolls come with many names. It's also known as Gỏi cuốn in Vietnamese, fresh spring rolls, summer rolls, and rice paper rolls. This wholesome Asian dish is usually served as an appetizer or light snack, paired with dipping sauces like peanut sauce, hoisin sauce, or spiced vinegar.


The anatomy of a spring roll isn't really fixed. You can add, substitute, or omit ingredients depending on your preference and availability. However, here's our best spring rolls combination that you can try for yourselves:

  • Pork or Prawns (feel free to omit for a completely vegan recipe)
  • Glass Noodles
  • Carrots
  • Red or Green Cabbage
  • Cucumber
  • Lettuce
  • Green Onions
  • Basil
  • Cilantro
  • Red chili peppers


When thinking about how to wrap spring rolls, you might be plagued by questions like: What if the spring rolls do not hold up? What if the rice paper wrapper gets punctured and tears apart?

Slow down! You might not believe it at first but preparing spring rolls is one of the most soothing and meditative things you can do in your home kitchens. The key is to fold and tuck!

Follow these easy instructions on how to assemble fresh spring rolls:


  1. PREP THE RICE PAPER. Give your rice paper a quick 3-second dip in water. Once out of the water, the rice paper should remain slightly firm.

  2. READY YOUR INGREDIENTS. Assemble your washed, cut, and prepped ingredients on the side. By the time you're finished, the rice paper would have absorbed enough water to make it soft and gelatinous but still easy to handle.

  3. START ASSEMBLING. Starting at the upper ⅓ of your rice paper, lay your ingredients while leaving a couple of inches of space on both sides for folding purposes. Start with the lettuce, if you have it in your ingredient list. Layer the rest of the ingredients on top of it, but make sure not to overfill it! You want to roll your rice paper multiple times for a stronger hold.
  4. ROLL AND TUCK. Slowly pull the edge of the wrapper. Begin rolling and tucking the fillings under the wrapper using your forefingers. The tucking ensures that your spring rollis firm and filled.

  5. SEAL THE SIDES. For every roll, envelope the sides to seal your tucked fillings in.

  6. REPEAT THE ROLL-TUCK-SEAL METHOD until your spring roll is fully wrapped!



With vegetables and herbs you can find in your fridge and Asian ingredients available online in Karman Foods' galleries, following this simple Vietnamese Spring Rolls recipe from Cookie and Kate will be a breeze!

Don't fuss too much about making your Vietnamese Spring Rolls perfect, especially if it's your first time. As mentioned earlier, the fun parts about making spring rolls are the meditative effect of having to assemble the ingredients and the satisfaction that comes with the process of wrapping it. As with any recipe, just roll with it!

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Our Top Plant-Based Soy Milk Drink Picks from Vitasoy

On the lookout for the best plant-based milk alternatives? Soy milk is healthy, affordable, and undoubtedly delicious but if we’re talking about soy experts here, Vitasoy is up the ranks!


Vitasoy’s origins start back in March 1940 where founder Dr. Lo Kwee Seong was on the move to provide the people of Hong Kong a nutritious, protein-rich, and affordable alternative to milk delivered door-to-door to address scarcity and lactose intolerance of most Chinese.

After the war, retail sales for soy milk began picking up, prompting the establishment of a new factory. By the mid-70s, Vitasoy became the first company in Hong Kong to utilize the Tetra Pak packaging, or the boxed paper carton packaging that we are familiar with, to improve shelf-life of their soy milk without refrigeration. 

Today, Vitasoy drinks like soy milk, flavored milk, teas, and juices, are being sold in over 40 markets across the globe, solidifying their position as the soy experts.

But what makes them soy experts?

Vitasoy built their reputation from the ground up, literally!

They only use healthy, non-GMO soybeans grown from the best possible soil and water, permitting the soybeans to soak up as many nutrients as they could. Remember: healthy soybeans are also the best-tasting ones!

Vitasoy also practices strict quality standards to ensure that their soybeans have the proper protein and fat content. These standards are implemented across all their markets so the soybeans remain nutritious and delicious wherever you’re getting their products from. 


The health benefits of soy milk is a long one!

For starters, soy milk is rich in protein which promotes muscle and organ health. It’s an abundant source of omega-3 fatty acids which are linked to improved brain health, particularly reducing the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Soy milk also contains potassium that plays a significant role in lowering blood pressure and cholesterol while regulating your pulse. Each drink also serves as a refreshing energy booster thanks to its vitamin B and isoflavone components.

Not only is it good for your health, it’s good for the environment too! Like most plant-based products, soy milk production consumes fewer natural resources than in meat or dairy.

Truly, a little soybean makes a big impact!



We’ve curated the best Vitasoy products we could find so you don’t have to! Take your pick, pack it conveniently in your bags, and enjoy these refreshments at any time of the day.

1. Vitasoy Original Soy

Starting with the original soy flavor and the pride of Vitasoy, indulge in smooth and silky soybean flavors that natives of Hong Kong have loved for over 70 years! This low-calorie dairy milk alternative can get you through days when you need a nutritious and delicious energy boost. Packaged in a juice box, pop in a straw and enjoy it cold, or pour it over a bowl of cereal right before heading to work!

2. Vitasoy Melon-Flavored Soy Drink

Vitasoy adds a fruity twist to their original soy milk recipe by infusing sweet honeydew flavors in the mix. The kids will be thrilled to have a taste of sweet fruit flavors in their usual cup of milk! Pack it in their school lunch box and wait for them to come home asking for more.

3. Vitasoy Coconut-Flavored Soy Drink

Soy milk is already loaded with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants on its own but by adding coconut, you get twice the nutrition and flavors to complete your day. Sipping on this drink will transport you straight to windy days by the tropics thanks to its coconut aroma and refreshing soybean taste.

4. Vita Sugarcane Flavor

If you love Vitasoy’s soy milk products, you’re sure to enjoy their Vita line of drinks too! Vita is Vitasoy’s sister brand which offers juice and tea drinks that are well-loved in Hong Kong and Southeast Asia. Vita Sugarcane Flavored drink is made from natural cane sugar that adds a healthy amount of sweetness to your day. Compared to refined sugar, sugarcane is rich in essential nutrients that build energy and counter dryness and fatigue-- the ideal refreshment for summer days!

5. Vita Crysanthemum Tea Drink

Boxed tea drink? You heard it right. Vita’s Crysanthemum Tea Drink refreshes and relaxes your mind. Instead of getting sugar rush from desserts or buzzing from caffeine, the tea drink is infused with floral aroma, cooling properties, and reduced sugar content that will help you unwind in the best way possible.

Vitasoy has come a long way. Thanks to them, more and more people can appreciate the taste and nutrition behind a handful of refreshing Asian drinks whenever they want and without having to head to Hong Kong!

Choose your pick of plant-based, lactose-free, and dairy-free soy milk, teas, and juices from Karman Foods

I highly recommend this Asian drinks, you can order these products through our online Chinese Market.

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One Pot Kanto-Style Sukiyaki Recipe

One Pot Kanto-Style Sukiyaki Recipe

Sometimes, a single pot filled with a great-tasting broth and enriching ingredients is all you need to wash your worries away. Have a taste of the sweet and savory counterpart of hot pot from Japan with this One Pot Kanto-Style Sukiyaki recipe.


Sukiyaki is a nabemono or one-pot dish where thinly sliced meat, various vegetables, mushrooms, and other ingredients are cooked and simmered in a donabe or Japanese clay pot filled with a sweet and savory broth made from soy sauce and mirin

There are various accounts on the history of sukiyaki. It is said that sukiyaki’s origins be traced back to the Edo period where farmers use “suki” or spades to grill (yaki) food like tofu and fish.

Some have also mentioned that sukiyaki comes from the Japanese word sukimi which means “thinly sliced beef”. 

Today, sukiyaki is commonly served in bōnenkai or year-end parties during the winter, offering a warm and satisfying farewell to the year that has been.


Japanese sukiyaki and Chinese hot pot have their fair share of similarities and differences. 

For starters, leafy vegetables like bokchoy, cabbage, mushrooms, tofu, and clear noodles are some of the ingredients you can find in both dishes.

In terms of meat used, sukiyaki uses slightly thicker slices of meat compared to the ones used in hot pots, but still thin enough to be cooked quickly.

Similar to Chinese hot pot, the meat in Kanto-style sukiyaki is cooked by dunking it in the boiling broth. On the other hand, the meat in Kansai-style sukiyaki is seared in the pot first before adding the broth and other ingredients

Speaking of broths, Chinese hot pots, particularly Sichuan-style hot pots, tend to lean on the spicier side, employing chili peppers in both the soup and dipping sauce.


In the recipe below, the sukiyaki sauce, or warishita in Japanese, is made of two key ingredients. Both of these ingredients work hand in hand in giving sukiyaki its distinct and well-balanced mix of sweet and beefy flavors. Both are also widely used in a handful of Japanese recipes, so it's a good idea to always have these in your kitchen!


Kikkoman Aji Mirin

Mirin or sweet rice wine is the secret ingredient behind the sukiyaki broth's depth and complexity. It adds a delightful mix of sweet and rich flavors, which you can also encounter in other Japanese dishes. Because Kikkoman Aji Mirin is already sweetened rice wine, it perfectly balances out the strong taste of the other main ingredient of warishita

Soy Sauce

Countering the sweetness of the mirin is none other than Japanese soy sauce or shoyu. One of the best soy sauce for sukiyaki you can find in your local market or Asian groceries online is Kikkoman Soy Sauce. A staple in Japanese recipes, soy sauce enhances the taste of your beef and vegetables and gives your broth a moderately briny taste. 


In Chinese hot pot, you can enjoy a wide range and varied combinations of chili, nutty, garlicky, and savory sauces to flavor your soup. However, sukiyaki is traditionally enjoyed with a unique dipping sauce: beaten raw eggs.

Your initial thought must be: “Wouldn’t that taste slimy?”

You may feel a subtle change in texture but the rich and slight sweetness of the raw eggs balances the salty ingredients of your sukiyaki delightfully.

We recommend that you use pasteurized eggs so they are safe to consume even when raw. Alternatively, you can crack the egg directly on the bubbling broth to cook it slightly in the heat of the soup.


Sukiyaki may be the superstar of your dinner table, but you can have a wholesome and filling meal with these carb options. Trust us, your stomach will be thanking you afterwards!

Glass Noodles

Glass noodles are typically included in sukiyaki recipes. It's cooked together with the rest of the assembles ingredients under the bubbling sukiyaki broth. With its all-natural and gluten-free ingredients, Sempio Sweet Potato Glass Noodles is our pick for this recipe. These stringy noodles offer a good amount of carbs while remaining light in the tummy down to the last sip. Plus, it's vegan too!

White Rice

instant white rice online

If noodles in your sukiyaki is not enough, that's perfectly fine. Because as with any Asian dish, a steaming bowl of sukiyaki goes best with a steaming bowl of white rice!

If sukiyaki can be made with only 5 ingredients in less than 30 minutes, we'll make things easier for you by recommending CJ Hetbahn Microwaveable White Rice to complete the whole meal! Despite being an "instant food", it's made with high-quality grains and fresh water that cooks into a fragrant and subtly sweet white rice that will complement and never compromise the deliciousness of your sukiyaki. 


Prepare sweet and savory one pot sukiyaki with this sukiyaki recipe from Spice the Plate. While you can get sukiyaki meat from your local groceries, you can find all the ingredients for the best-tasting sukiyaki broth with products available in Karman Foods

For more authentic Asian products, you can order through our online Asian Market.

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4 Instant Coffee Dessert Drinks for Valentine's Day - Karman Foods

4 Instant Coffee Dessert Drinks for Valentine's Day

Coffee picks you up when you're down and boost your energy when you need to be productive. These 4 must-try instant coffee will...
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8 Lucky Chinese New Year Food For Prosperity - Karman Foods

8 Lucky Chinese New Year Food For Prosperity

The Chinese believe that these lucky New Year foods will help attract prosperity in the new year. These dishes are considered...

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Celebrating Indomie Mi Goreng Flavors and Nunuk Nuraini's Legacy

Celebrating Indomie Mi Goreng Flavors and Nunuk Nuraini's Legacy

It was a sad end to January for midnight snackers and instant food enthusiasts. Nunuk Nuraini, the woman behind the well-loved Indonesian brand Indomie and instant fried noodle product Mi Goreng, passed away on January 27, 2021. Through Indonesian media outlet Kompas, Indofood has announced that Nuraini has “returned peacefully to Allah's lap”. She was 59 years old.

Foodies from across the globe mourned and paid tribute to Indomie’s flavor development manager, where Twitter users applauded Nurai’s genius for putting Indonesia on the map for creating the delicious Mi Goreng, Indomie’s best-selling product up to date.

Indonesia and the rest of the world might have lost a significant figure in the Southeast Asian food industry, but her legacy lives on as Mi Goreng finds its way in countless households as a hero that saves us from midnight food cravings.


Indomie began producing chicken-flavored instant noodle soup products for the Indonesian market in 1972. Indomie literally translates to Indonesian noodles, where Indo means “Indonesia” and mie means “noodles”.

It wasn’t until 1982 that they introduced Mi Goreng, their first instant dry noodles variant inspired by the traditional dish of the same name. This product propelled Indomie’s popularity, not only across Indonesia, but across the globe, particularly in Nigeria and Australia. 


Mi Goreng is the instant noodle version of the traditional Mie Goreng. It may be influenced by Chinese cuisine but what separates Indonesian noodles from others is that it incorporates strong Indonesian flavors through a sweet soy sauce and spicy sambal. 

Let’s celebrate Nuraini by having a look at Indomie’s Mi Goreng instant noodle flavors that you can enjoy at any time and almost anywhere. 


1. Indomie Mi Goreng Chicken Rasa Flavor

You’ll never fall short of flavors when it comes to Indomie’s products. They have taken the well-loved flavors of their original Mi Goreng recipe to introduce a noodle soup variant in their line. Their Chicken Rasa flavored instant noodles is an easy and delicious way to have a taste of Indonesia’s unique flavors. Its rich and chicken curry-tasting broth will have you slurping away, instantly pleasing your taste buds and warming your tummies like a comforting hug after a long day. Temper the spiciness with separate flavor packets and complete the meal by adding a hard-boiled egg, vegetables, or mushrooms.

2. Indomie Hot and Spicy Mi Goreng Instant Cup Noodles

For an instant and lip-smacking perk up, Indomie’s Hot and Spicy Cup Noodles is a great option! What we love about this variant is that it has a sweet soy sauce flavor packet along with a chili sauce, so you can be the master of the spice level of your noodles. For on-the-go students or busy office workers, you only have to wait for 3 minutes to enjoy the unique taste of Indonesia’s spices with your instant noodles.

3. Indomie Barbeque Flavored Mi Goreng Instant Fried Noodles

The Barbeque Flavored Mi Goreng will make you understand why no one else does Mi Goreng like Indomie. Unlike other instant noodle brands, they use the best quality flour and native fresh spice to deliver bouncy noodles and explosive Indonesian flavors. You might pick this flavor because of its on-point spiciness but you’ll definitely ask for seconds when the heat blends well with the teriyaki-like sweet soy sauce.

4. Indomie Vegetable Flavored Instant Noodle Soup

Another broth version of Indomie’s famous Mi Goreng, Indomie’s Vegetable Flavored Noodle soup comes with a light and hearty taste that hits the spot every time. Made with authentic Indonesian spices, you can be sure that it’s the complete opposite of a bland and boring vegetable soup. Like other Indomie packets, its seasoning packets come separately so you can add a splash of dry seasoning or chili oil depending on your mood or preference. Make sure to garnish it with your protein or toppings of choice! We suggest fresh vegetables, soft-boiled eggs, and dumplings!

See our online Asian market and get these products! For more Asian products, visit our Asian Grocery Store.

Photo By Takeaway - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=48852595
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