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Number 1 Ssamjang Seasoned Soybean Paste I've tried so far! - Karman Foods

Number 1 Ssamjang Seasoned Soybean Paste I've tried so far!

Ssamjang is a popular Korean soybean paste that consists of a flavorful blend of doenjang, gochujang, fine peppers, onions, sesame seeds, and sesame oil. It has a rich umami flavor that makes for a wonderful...

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Prince of Peace 100% Organic Oolong Tea - Karman Foods Review

Prince of Peace 100% Organic Oolong Tea - Karman Foods Review

The history of Oolong tea goes back at least 500 years, originating in Chinese market. It was first called wulong, meaning “Black Dragon tea” because it was dark, long, and curly.

This Oolong Tea is made by Prince of Peace and is a well-packaged, fine tasting tea. If you are looking for a milder tea, this Oolong tea is a great choice for you. Prince of Peace is a reputable brand known for their totally organic products, harvested by hand, and aged according to traditional wisdom of herbalists. This tea has a long shelf life, so it can be stored and retain its freshness for a long time.

What are the benefits of oolong tea?

  • Oolong tea contains important vitamins, trace minerals and antioxidants.
  • It helps reduce blood sugar and maintain insulin levels.
  • Antioxidants may reduce cholesterol levels and improve heart health.
  • Polyphenols may boost metabolism and reduce absorbed fat. 
  • Studies suggest it could improve brain function.
  • Reduce risks of common cancer.
  • Contribute to stronger bones and teeth.
  • May help relieve eczema.

In terms of health benefits, Oolong tea is one of the best. It is known for being rich in antioxidants and helping with weight loss. Oolong tea is said to boost metabolism by its polyphenol antioxidants that activate enzymes and help to use stored fat as energy. The fat burning effects of tea are caused by the plant compounds in tea, not just the caffeine.

The flavor is best described as a mild gray tea, a bit smoky and savory. The flavor is subtle, and not overpowering. If you are a fan of sweetened tea, it is recommended to add Prince of Peace Honey Crystals, though you can choose to add any type of your favorite sweetener.

How to Prepare Prince of Peace 100% Organic Oolong Tea?

You can prepare the tea hot or cold. To make the tea, the directions are as follows:

  • HOT: Place one tea bag in a 6-8 fl. oz. cup, add hot water and let it steep for 3-5 minutes before drinking. Sweeten to taste-we recommend Prince of Peace® HoneyCrystalsTM.
  • ICED: Pour 2 cups of hot water over 6 bags in a quart container. Let it steep for 10 minutes. Remove tea bags. Add 2 cups of cold water. Pour over ice.

We recommend this tea if you are looking for something a bit different from your average green or black teas, but still want the benefits of the rich antioxidants of the Camellia sinensis tea leaves. You can order this tea online through our Chinese Grocery Store.


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The 3 Essential Pastes for your Korean Cooking


Korean Cuisine has 3 essential paste for cooking.  For all those who do not know they are Gochujang, Doenjang and Ssamjang. These pastes are the base flavors for countless Korean dishes, from barbecue, kimchi, bulgogi, to hot pot soups. 

1. Gochujang

  1. Gochujang

    Gochujang is another word translated to hot pepper paste. Gochujang would be the most popular Korean paste there is. You can do many things with gochujang. You can make soups, marinate meats and even use it as a dipping condiment.

  2. Ssamjang

    Ssamjang is another popular Korean paste. It is also called Seasoned Soy Bean Paste. It is exclusively used a dipping sauce. You can dip vegetables and also add it to barbecued meat and wrap it around lettuce. You only need to use very little because it does taste pretty salty.

  3. Doenjang

    Doenjang is the last Korean paste. It is made from fermented soybeans over a period of time. The longer the fermentation, the higher quality it is considered. It does have a pungent smell and the longer it is fermented the stronger the smell. It is mostly used in stews and soups.

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