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Celebrate National Seafood Month with the Perfect Seasoning Sauce

Celebrate National Seafood Month with the Perfect Seasoning Sauce

Tamari from San-J is a delicious, gluten-free soy sauce brewed with 100% soy and no wheat whereas traditional soy sauce is made with 40% to 60% wheat. The higher concentration of soy protein in this sauce gives it a richer and smoother taste compared to conventional soy sauce.

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This Tamari is manufactured by San-J International. The story behind this seasoning began in Japan in 1804 when the Sato family began making soy sauce and miso using the finest soybeans. The family has passed down their brewing method for eight generations. The San-J Company continues to provide authentic food experiences today. And focuses on creating food products without artificial preservatives, flavors, or colors.

All San-J products are non-GMO verified. San-J company has a mission to reach as many people as possible who want to enjoy authentic Japanese flavors regardless of their special dietary needs. To achieve their mission, San-J products are certified gluten-free along with many reduced sodium options.
Tamari has a higher concentration of soy compared to regular soy sauce, giving it a richer and smoother taste. The flavor of the sauce is deeper and more complex compared to cheaper alternatives, making it the better option when choosing a soy sauce. Each 10 ounce bottle like this contains about 20 servings. The serving size is one tablespoon and contains 10 calories, no fat, 980 milligrams of sodium, less than one gram of total carbohydrates, two grams of protein and 130 milligrams of potassium.

This product is simple and only contains four ingredients, water, soybeans, salt, and alcohol. This Tamari lasts for over a year and should be stored in a cool dry place until open. Refrigeration is recommended after opening.

You can use this gluten-free soy sauce in the place of regular soy sauce in any of your meals or to prepare your own dressings and soups. Some popular dishes that use this sauce include Tamari roasted almonds, Korean beef bowl, creamy miso broccoli soup, and garlic shrimp egg noodles.

This unique seasoning is well worth trying. I highly recommend Tamari by San-J, especially as a healthier alternative to regular soy sauce and for people with special dietary needs.

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