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How To Prepare Loose Tea: Corn and Barley Tea (Oksusu Cha & Boricha)


Hello. Today I'm going to make the Assi oksusu-cha and boricha. This is a roasted corn tea and roasted barley tea. The barley tea and corn tea is a very common drink which we Koreans enjoy hot drink, the wintertime, and cold drink during the summertime. So you can buy the at, the Assi roasted corn tea, or the roasted barley tea.

So you can just boil the water for 10 or 15 minutes and use the tap water or you can use the mineral water too. And add on the two tablespoons. You can use the individual if we want to only for barley tea, you can use two spoons of barley. But if we want to flavor it, we need the corn tea, you can just a tablespoon of the, only corn.

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But today, I'm going to mix together, you can usually mix together. In Korean market, we used usually the mix tea. So one tablespoon of corn. I'm going to put one more spoon, I like the aroma. So two tablespoon of the corn, and one big tablespoon of the barley. I just put a lot of the water, so it's two tablespoon for a two liter of the water, so this is over the two, almost a full liter, so I'm going to use each two spoon.

So next, after two tablespoon of the Assi barley tea for every two liter of the water. But if you have the teabag, you can just put in there, and then it's more... We have to take it out the later after boil, you know? So it's convenient to take it out later.

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So boil together for five or to ten minutes at medium temper. Medium heat, and then drain the contents from the tea. So let's wait, please wait the 10 minutes.

Okay, ten minutes have passed. So turn off the heat and brew out for five minutes. Then you can take it out, strain the barley.

After I brew out for five minutes, there's a tasty aroma comes out more. And next thing, you can take it out the barley. But if you barley keeping in the longer in the pot, its taste bitter will come out. And do not reheat the barley, already cooked one.

So let's drink. This is, you can used barley tea. For we drink in wintertime or when weather look bad. And you can after, you know, clean that. Later, you can use the ice boricha too.

After boil, you can keep it cooled down in the glass bottle or glass container, and keeping in the refrigerator make a cold. And you can drink, enjoy, in summertime.

I'm going to drink ice boricha. Today, I make the Korean common tea, the boricha and corn tea. Enjoy! This is available in our Korean supermarket.

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Enjoy! Bye bye.

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