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Kimchi Pancakes with Buchimgaru Korean Pancake Powder

Kimchi Pancakes with Buchimgaru Korean Pancake Powder

Hello, today I'm going to use the Beksul buchimgaru. This is a Korean pancake mix powder. So anything you can mix using this powder when you make a sweet pancake or kimchi pancake, any Korean pancake you can mix this powder any type, or type of the Korean pancake, this is in many use.

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And this pancake, you don't need any extra seasoning, this is everything included. Seasoning and then perfect combination of you can add some flour, or if you want it more crispy you can add some more cornstarch, and you can put everything, the vegetable, or seafood. You can mix that all. But today I'm going to use the kimchi. Kimchi is pickled vegetable, we call it kimchi. But today I'm going to use the napa cabbage kimchi, and I'm going to mix it with vegetables. Onion, and scallion, and a little garlic.

So let's make it together. First one, I'm going to cut the vegetable a little bit. So I'm going to cut the onion. And three or four of the blades of the scallion. It's up to you. You can cut the slice or I'm going to cut them into three or four slices. That's it. Especially when it's a rainy day in Korea, we cook these pancakes, because when we cook them in the frying pan, the cooking pancake sounds like rain dropping. So when it's a rainy day it's a great idea to enjoy these pancakes.

I'm going to use the kimchi, I just made it myself, this is homemade kimchi, but I just keep it very long time, so it's a little bit the sour. So if you don't like too much sour flavor you can use for kimchi soup, kimchi chicken, or like this, kimchi pancake is perfect for using the old kimchi. I like kimchi very much, most Korean people love kimchi. But if you don't like it too big sized of the kimchi pancake you can just cut or chopping the kimchi. But I like a big sized kimchi. So I'm going to use this. If you think it's too much, you can cut it in half. Instead of a knife, I'm going to use scissors.

Because when you use the chopping on the white board, maybe kimchi, the color is going to put on the color board is going to change, it's going to let. So if you want to chopping your knife, just you can just wrap the plastic wrap under the cutting board. Or, like me, just you can use the scissor. This is for only cooking, cooking scissor. Just you can cut like this.

You can just stir the pancake powder first in the bowl, or like me, just you can mix the old stuff and mix together. It does not matter. You can buy through karmanfoods.com or you can by in the Asian market. This is very popular in Korea, it's ready for just mix with stuffing, any of the ingredient, the vegetable, and then you can mix it just with water or egg and cornstarch powder, it makes it more crispy.

So this is, one bag is one kilogram. So I'm going to use almost half. 500 grams in. You can add, if you use the 500 gram, you can add the 800 milliliter of the cold water. But it depends on about if you have a lot of the kimchi, the juice, you can mix together. That's going to make a more red colorful, and the taste is better.

Ooh, ooh.

But if you don't like too much the smell, or if you don't like too much sour, or the spicy, or juicy, you can just use cold water. But I'm going to mix a little bit of the juice. You can add the sliced, chopped kimchi, and sliced onion, and scallion, or any vegetable, if you want. You can mix well. And just mix the batter. And I think I need a little bit more water. So you can just pour the water little by little.

And if you want a little bit more soft, the taste, you can add some egg, one egg. And later, kimchi is salty, right? So the water is coming out. So you can mix the water, just to check not to watery, don't make it not too watery. Because if you're too watery after you cook it's not too crispy. So I'm going to add the vegetable too. And if you have too much sour, the kimchi, just you can add a little bit of sugar in here, a little bit, because that's going to make the sour is... The smell is gone, so you can mix well.

I like a spicy pancake, so I'm going to add some jalapeno. I always make a jalapeno icicle. This is the jalapeno I chopped the last time. And then I can just mix. If you want to more crispy the pancake, you can use the ice water, is more make a cold better better. After cook, it's more of the crispy, the pancake. You can enjoy. So I think it's enough.

Okay. I'm going to cook the kimchi pancake. You can add some oil. Any oil you can use. But I recommend the cooking oil, the canola oil, or corn oil. You can make a small bite size or make a big size. I'm going to make one big size first. Thinly and spread out the mixed batter with sliced vegetable. Cooking for three or four minutes.

So we're just going to spread the grill pan. Temperature is not too hot, because it's too easy to burn. So... (silence). Do you think that the cooking sound is like raining drop sound? Raining day? (silence). It's been three minute, so flipping the three to four minute. And make it crispy. Mm-hmm (affirmative). I think it's ready. Color looks delicious. I'm going to put it on the plate.

You can taste it, and then if you need some dipping soy sauce you can make soy sauce and then the sugar and vinegar together. So I'm going to taste first. It's good. I don't need any dipping sauce, it's enough for season. And especially, this is a very good combination with the Korean rice wine drink we call the makgeolli too. So I'm going to show you next time, the makgeolli, or Korean drink. I'm going to introduce next time, okay? Enjoy.

Enjoy. Bye, bye.

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