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Korean BBQ sauce used 2 ways BULGOGI & LA-STYLE KALBI - Karman Cooks

Korean BBQ sauce used 2 ways BULGOGI & LA-STYLE KALBI - Karman Cooks

Hello, today I'm going to make a LA Korean barbecue. I'm going to use the CJ Korean barbecue, the bulgogi marinade sauce. So you can buy the one from karmanfood.com. And this is a very traditional Korean number one party food, Korean beef short rib, we just call this cut with the bone, the slice across the bone, we call the LA style galbi meat. You can buy in the Korean market, or you can just use any short rib. And then, first one, you have to just put into cold water, that makes the blood and then make salt, the small bite of the bone.

So this is maybe for two-person is enough for the price, almost $20. You can just put in a big bowl and you have to wash the cold water, maybe 30 minutes. So you can just add the cold water, or you can use the sparkling water too. That's going some small by or some blood and make clean. So you have to, the minimum, the 30 minutes to wait. Okay. You can put it outside or put in the refrigerator. I'm going to do some more information about this.

This is from CJ company, it's a Korean brand, the long history of the food brand, and there's what looks like a picture. This is bulgogi under charcoal, the barbecue. The Korean people love the charcoal barbecue, the smoky flavor. And then very sweet and delicious. And look at the picture like this, there is a very natural sweetened, they used a pear or the apple use.

But this looks like the picture is Korean pear. It is so delicious, very sweet and very juicy. So when we made the bulgogi or some using the marinated beef, in Korea people use the soy sauce, is the basic, and the sugar. But instead of the sugar we used a lot of the fruits. So the taste is a bit more natural and more natural sweetened. And there's, in the back, you can use any meat. So how to cook the Korean barbecue, so I'm going to show you today the LA kalbi, and I'm going to make the bulgogi too, okay? So just wait 30 minutes. See you.

And I'm going to make together LA kalbi and bulgogi. This is the thin sliced bulgogi meat. So you can slice the... SO this is specially for the thin slice, and then the part of the ribeye part. So you can buy in the supermarket. So I just prepare. So this sauce, you can use any meat that's available, but especially you can use the thin sliced ribeye, the bulgogi, the marinade, or like I've shown, the LA style kalbi, also you can use.

So I'm going to prepare the one onion, and carrot, scallion, and if you have any vegetable you can mix that. But this is the basic, the Korean style. The onion, carrot, and then scallion, and the mushroom. And, you can add later tom yum. This is glass noddle. If you know about the japchae dishes, you're going to use to add later too. So I'm going to show you how to make it. Just slice the cut onion. And some scallion, spring onion. You can just slice the onion, I'm just use the cremini mushroom today, but you can use any mushroom, especially the shiitake mushroom is good. So but you can use any mushroom or any vegetable, you can mix. Okay. So that's ready. Vegetable I'm going to later when I pan fry the bulgogi.

Just going to wear the gloves. You have to mix the rib with sauce now. And before you open the rib sauce you have to shake a little bit, because the sticky sauce, you need to shake a little bit. And then open the double cap. After you open the sauce you have to keep it in the refrigerator. It depends on about the meat, so you can just marinate it one by one.

Sauce is, it's just not too much, because it's going to be salty. So you can add it later when you pan fry up. I need just a little bit more, maybe two, three. Okay. When you pan fry the carrot is going to take a long time. So I'm going to marinate it together, only carrots and then onion. Mushroom and scallion is going to cook fast, so I'm going to put them later, but carrots and onion I just marinate it first with the meat together.

So you can mix it well. And after marinating you need to put it in the freezer, and then just maybe 30 minutes. I'm going to put it in the freezer and just wait the 30 minutes. Okay. The blood and small bite of the bone are removed. So I'm going to move to... After two time of the wash the short rib, and then you can just move it to the big bowl or container.

And then you can just add sauce. If you put it in the cold water before you cook, that's going to soak to the other soaking, so add to the sauce, cover it, and marinade it, and freezer is overnight. You can just add fully in the marinade sauce. If you like the soy sauce or sugar and the sesame oil together, if you make a homemade Korean barbecue sauce, you have to wait, marinade and cover it, it's overnight in the freezer using the next day. But if you're using the Korean barbecue, just the marinade sauce, you can maybe 30 minutes is more set time and taste the same.

So just wait 30 minutes from a wait. Okay, after 30 minutes later, I'm just ready for marinated bulgogi and the short rib too. The ribs are well marinated and ready to grill, to hit the pan. And add the cooking oil, a little bit on the pan, and you can place the rib strip in a medium hot pan.

So just heat the pan and add the cooking oil. I just lift the strip in the... cook for about five minutes on each side and turn it every now and again until they are cooking a caramel brown color. It's easier to use the scissor every half. This is a very simple to make, so you can use it for your lunchbox, or when you go to a picnic before one day before you can marinade it, even easier than regular barbecue sauce.

Smells so delicious. It's ready. Just turn off the heat. It's very simple, isn't it? Today I made the LA kalbi, you can use the simple marinade barbecue or a bulgogi sauce. I'm going to make next, a bulgogi too. You can enjoy with any vegetable or white rice.

Mm, yummy.

So I just took it out from the freeze, I just marinated 30 minutes, the bulgogi, so I just make a pan on the heat, so it's ready for the grill. So you can add some cooking oil. And then just put it in the pan. I'm going to put the vegetables in later. And I just put in the glass noodle, and then I put the last... So you can cook first the bulgogi and the marinated meat and then, after taste, you all put your stuff, noodle or the vegetable left over.

And if you're not season you can add the one or two spoon of the sauce on the pan. And after you cook the bulgogi, if it's too salty, you can add a little bit of water or any beef stock or vegetable stock, you can add them. In Korea, when we have a party, house party, or some celebrate a special day, my mom always make bulgogi. So this is very traditional Korean party food. So it's almost cooked half, so you can add just the scallion and mushroom first.


And you can later on put the last, the noodle, glass Korean. So you put the glass noodle, it's cooked so fast, so you can just add them, put it last. If you cook too much, the long time, it's going to go very shrink, the meat. So the hot temperature cooks so fast, okay? And last you can add the noodle in the middle, because it's very juicy, but after you put on the noodle maybe it's spread, spongy to the juice inside, so we can add it later. After taste, you can add more sauce or not.

I'm going to prepare today for tomorrow, my lunch. I'm going to share it with my friends tomorrow. I didn't add any, the ingredient, I didn't add nothing. I just used this sauce and put some vegetable, that's it. So this is very simple to make a easy... So I'm going to taste a little bit, because I think it's enough, but I'm not sure. So let's just see. I think enough. That's it. Yeah, taste is good.

I'm going to put on the container. Next day you can just microwave, three minute or four minutes, that's it. You can enjoy the barbecue rib with the noodle. So just turn off the heat. You can just put on the top the white rice, or you can, if you want a bulgogi, the Korean barbecue flavor sauce, the sandwich. This is for my dinner and that one is for lunch tomorrow.

This is my first video making Korean barbecue, the bulgogi marinade, using the CJ BBQ sauce. See you. Enjoy.

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Galbi is one of the most delicious Korean dishes. Normally, it is made from beef short ribs that are marinated and then grilled on the barbecue.