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Korean Bulgogi Instant Udon Noodles Bowl

Korean Bulgogi Instant Udon Noodles Bowl

Here I have this Korean style bulgogi Udon, microwavable noodle bowl. I really like this bowl. It's a bit higher quality than the other microwavable Udon noodle bowls than I've had in the past. And it has a sweet Sesame oil flavor. It's not really spicy at all.

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Here, I'll show you the nutritional facts so you can see. It's a low calorie meal, only 290 calories and four grams of fat per serving. And the serving size is one bowl. The sodium content is about the same, if not a bit lower than other noodle bowls. But if you're concerned about the sodium content, you can just add a bit less of the seasoning packet.

So I'm going to open this up and show you inside, but first I'll describe briefly how to prepare it. So inside, you're going to find a vacuum sealed pack of noodles, and what you're going to want to do is take that sealed pack and just place it in a separate bowl with hot water, just to loosen up the noodles.

After a few minutes, take that sealed noodle pack, open it up and place it in this bowl. And then you can add the broth packet and fill water up to the fill line. And then you're going to microwave it for three minutes. And after those three minutes, you can let it wait just a little bit so it cools down a bit and then you can add the veggie packet and the Sesame oil.

And I'm going to open it up for you and show you what it looks like inside the bowl. So, this is going to be the veggie packet. I'll put that over here. This is the broth packet that you're going to add after you heat the noodles up in a bowl, and this is the Sesame oil packet that you're going to add after cooking. And here are the Udon noodles, you can see they're quite thick. They're really good, they're chewy and it makes for a great meal. So I'm going to go eat this now.

I just finished eating this noodle bowl. And having just eaten it, I would like to share my immediate impressions and feelings about it. It was very delicious. The noodles were thick and hardy and felt very satisfying. I highly recommend if you do get this, make sure that you do warm the noodles with hot water before cooking them. And it's very, very delicious.

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