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Korean Ginseng Tea by Prince of Peace For A Good New Year Karman Review

Korean Ginseng Tea by Prince of Peace For A Good New Year Karman Review

Ginseng tea is a traditional Korean tea made from the root of ginseng plants. Ginseng roots have a long history in East Asia and have been used for more than 2,000 years. This ginseng tea is manufactured by Prince of Peace and is a product of Korea.

Prince of Peace is a top selling brand in the US, focused on delivering healthy products and Asian herbal supplements to American markets. The company functions with a mission to look after orphans and provide health and medical aid to children in China.

Besides the charitable foundation, Prince of Peace is known for their products such as ginger honey crystals, ginger chews, organic Chinese teas and herbal teas. All of their products strictly adhere to the FDA standard of food and drug safety. This ginseng tea is no exception. It is made from only two simple ingredients, Korean ginseng extract and glucose.

Ginseng has a sweetly aromatic flavor. It is quite mild and unobtrusive. The light flavor of this ginseng tea can be made sweeter by adding in some honey or other sweetener, as is suggested on the box. This tea is light and soothing and can be enjoyed hot or cold, depending on your preference. It is commonly enjoyed after meals to improve digestion.

Each box like this comes with 10 individual packets. The serving size is one bag and each serving contains 10 calories, no fat, no cholesterol, no sodium, two grams of carbs, one gram of sugar, and no protein. As you can see, this tea is very light and simple.

Traditionally, ginseng has been used in a preventative manner rather than being used to cure particular ailments. Since ginseng is not specific, it is able to normalize one's health, regardless of the situation. General effects of ginseng include improved memory and sensory awareness, increased mental performance and augmented learning. The basis of this increased performance is believed to be due to certain chemicals in ginseng that increase the brain's activity without effecting adrenal glands. This results in general mental arousal without hyperactivity or a crash that some people experience from coffee or energy drinks.

This ginseng tea is different from tea made from tea leaves. Instead of steeping a teabag, this tea comes in packets that you pour into your water and let the ginseng crystals dissolve. You can enjoy this tea either hot or cold. This Korean ginseng tea is delicious and works to normalize metabolism and promotes a healthy lifestyle. I recommend you try it out and discover the great flavor of Prince of Peace Korean ginseng tea.

Now I will prepare this tea in hot water. Here's what it looks like inside a packet. The aroma is mild and sweet and it looks great. See our Korean grocery store for more products! See also our Asian Market, for more quality Korean and Asian teas.

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