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Mae Ploy's Thai Panang Curry Paste

Making Curry with Panang Thai Curry Paste

Phanaeng (Panang) curry is a type of red curry that originates in Thailand. Normally, it is intended to be thicker than other curries, and is both salty and sweet. The brand of this Panang Curry is by Mae Ploy. This brand is a subsidiary of Thai Agri Food, which proudly manufacturers Thai fruits to share with the world. This company's products are shipped to over 70 countries around the world. Quality is assured, thanks to their superior raw materials and modern shipping methods. The benefit of using pre-made Panang curry paste is that it helps you avoid the hassle of making homemade curry paste, which can be a bit of a project, since you must use a mortar, a food processor, or a blender to properly prepare the paste.

Instead of stressing over the exact proportions and tracking down all the right ingredients to make curry paste, it is much simpler and cost-effective to use pre-packaged curry paste. Mae Ploy has an assortment of curry paste to choose from. The flavor of this Panang curry paste is rich and fresh. The taste is deep and rich, thanks to the proprietary blend of shallots, chilies, lemongrass, garlic, Kaffir lime peel, and other assorted spices that comprise this premium curry paste.

Mae Ploy's Panang Curry Paste has a nuttier flavor, and is not as heavily spiced with red chilies as red curry. Each 14-ounce pack like this contains 67 servings. Each serving size is one teaspoon, and contains no calories, no fat, no cholesterol, 300 milligrams of sodium, one gram of total carbohydrates, no dietary fiber, no sugar, and no protein. The shelf life of this curry paste is about two years, so you can keep it for a long time. It can be stored unopened in a cool, dry place. After opening, be sure to keep it in the fridge. There is an easy to follow recipe on the back of the package.

Mae Ploy's Thai Panang Curry Paste by Karman Foods

To prepare this Panang curry, begin by stirring two and three quarters tablespoons of curry paste with two tablespoons of vegetable oil over gentle heat for one minute. Then, pour in two cups of coconut milk, and continue to stir at medium heat for two minutes. Then, put one cup of your favorite meat into the pot. Next, put two tablespoons of palm sugar, three quarters tablespoons of fish sauce, and keep simmering over gentle heat for 10 minutes. Put in some sliced Kaffir lime leaves, and continue to stir. Serve the curry by decorating the dish with more sliced Kaffir lime leaves and sliced red chilies.

As you can see, this recipe is rather straightforward and delicious. The recipe serves two to three people, so it is perfect for a small family or small gathering with friends. Now, I'll open the container and let you see the color and consistency of this paste. Here, you can see the dark reddish color. It has a rich complex curry aroma. This Panang curry by Mae Ploy is delicious and convenient, and I highly recommend it. 

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