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Olive Oil Seaweed Nori Snacks | Karman Reviews

Olive Oil Seaweed Nori Snacks | Karman Reviews

Seasoned Seaweed Snack With Olive Oil is a healthy and fun snack to enjoy at home, at school, or at work. They come in a perfectly sized pouch that is easy to put in a lunch box to take on the go. These seaweed snacks are seasoned and flavored with olive oil. This is an exported product of Korea and distributed by Daesang America. These seaweed packs are made by Chung Jung One, one of the leading Asian food companies. This brand of seaweed snack has been HACCP certified by KFDA. And this is also very popular in Asian market.

This seasoned seaweed snack is roasted to perfection with olive oil to give you a savory flavor. You can enjoy this treat whenever you are craving a crunchy and tasty Korean snack. These thin sheets of seaweed can be crushed up to be used in a soup. You can also add this seaweed as a topping on to any of your favorite foods or as a side to accompany any dish.

This snack does not taste fishy like other seaweeds and is not overly salty. It is a perfect balance of savory flavors and does not have an overpowering taste. Each of these packets is considered one serving. This is a healthy snack with only 25 calories per serving. Each serving contains two grams of fat, 75 milligrams of sodium, one gram of fiber, and one gram of protein.

For the best flavor, be sure to store these packets in a cool, dry place. These delicious low-calorie snacks are packed full of vitamins and minerals that are great for maintaining your health. Enjoy before the expiration date for the best taste. These snack packs are individually wrapped, so each stays fresh before you are ready to eat them.

You can enjoy this seaweed all by itself as a healthy alternative to chips. It is great for kids so they can stay healthy while enjoying a tasty snack. Generally, this dried seaweed pairs great with savory, creamy foods that complement the slightly sweet and salty crunch of seaweed.

Here are a few other ways you can use this snack. Try this seaweed out in a sandwich or crushed on avocado toast. You can also cut up some of these seaweed sheets into some hummus to add a great flavor and texture. You can even wrap some avocado, bean sprouts, and a yogurt-based dressing in a sheet of this seaweed for a light meal.

Now I'm going to open up this pack and show you inside. As you can see, the seaweed looks crispy and green. It looks really tasty. I'm going to crumple it up so you can see how it crumples.

I'm also going to take a taste, and you can hear how crunchy it is.

You should really try out this healthy snack. It is great for both kids and adults.

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Enjoy. Bye-bye.

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