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Pork in Black Bean Garlic Sauce - Karman Foods Recipe

Hi everyone. So for today's recipe, we will cook Pork in Black Bean Garlic Sauce. So for our main ingredient, we're going to have first Kikkoman Soy Sauce and the other one is the Lee Kum Kee Black Bean Garlic Sauce. So you can find these Chinese sauces at Karman Foods. It's your ultimate place for your Asian needs. And they can provide you Asian ethnic food ingredients and deliver it through your doorstep. They are the number one curated Asian food grocer, and they have Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and Southeast Asian food ingredients.

So just a few history for our first ingredient. The Kikkoman Soy Sauce is an all-purpose seasoning made from soy beans, wheat, water, and salt. So the soy sauce is aged for several months, but with an appetizing flavor. It can be used for pan fried vegetables, meat, and fish dishes.

Lee Kum Kee Black Bean Garlic Sauce

And our second ingredient is The Lee Kum Kee Black Bean Garlic Sauce. So it is a ready to use sauce made from aromatic fermented black beans, minced garlic, and rice wine. It is commonly used in stir fries and steamed dishes, and perfect sauce where all the vegetarians and vegans. So let's start and prepare our ingredients for our Pork in Black Bean Garlic Sauce.

So for the complete ingredients of Pork in Black Bean Garlic Sauce, we have one tablespoon of sesame oil, two garlic cloves minced, one fourth cup of red onions diced, 200 grams of pork slices, one tablespoon of red wine, one tablespoon of our main ingredient, Kikkoman Soy Sauce. And another main ingredient, one tablespoon of Black Bean Garlic sauce. Our vegetables, red cabbage. And lastly, another vegetable is the white cabbage.

So we're going to start cooking our Pork in Black Bean Garlic Sauce. So you have to make sure that the pan is hot before adding anything. First, add one tablespoon of sesame oil. Swirl the pan to spread out the oil. Then, add the minced garlic. And sauté it for one minute or until it's fragrant.

Then, add the red onion. And sauté it for another minute until it's translucent. Continue sautéing until the onions are translucent. And then add the pork slices. And mix it with onions and garlic. Continue cooking the pork until it's tender.

Kikkoman Japan Made Soy Sauce online

Now that the pork is already in brown color, you can add the red wine sauce.

Mix it.

Wait until the red wine has reduced, and then we can add our main ingredient, the Kikkoman Soy Sauce. And we can add our another main ingredient which is the Lee Kum Kee Black Bean Garlic Sauce.

Mix the ingredients with the pork slices until it's well combined. Make sure that you coat the pork with sauce. Continue cooking until it's fully incorporated. Now that the pork is fully covered with sauce, we can add our vegetables, the red cabbage slices... and the white cabbage slices. Mix the vegetables with the pork slices.

Make sure that you mix the sauce with the vegetables and the pork. Continue cooking until the vegetables are tender, but don't overcook it. We need the crispiness of the vegetables. Now we're ready to eat our Pork in Black Bean Garlic Sauce. So I serve it with steamed rice topped with black sesame seeds. So again, we use the two food ingredients you can get from Karman Foods Online Store. So we have here the Lee Kum Kee Black Bean Garlic Sauce and the Kikkoman Soy Sauce. So our selection are constantly growing and if you have any suggestions, you can email us at Now we're ready to eat our Pork in Black Bean Garlic Sauce. Enjoy your food. See our Chinese market for more Chinese products!

Thanks everyone.

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