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Spinach and Wakame Seaweed Instant Japanese Miso Paste | Karman Reviews

Spinach and Wakame Seaweed Instant Japanese Miso Paste | Karman Reviews

This organic instant miso soup is great to take on the go or enjoy at home if you are in a hurry. This soup tastes great and is very simple to make. All you need to make this soup is hot water. You can enjoy this soup by itself, or as a side for your main course. It is healthy, delicious, and simple. This instant miso soup contains with wakame seaweed and spinach toppings. The spinach gives a great texture when dissolved in the soup.

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This miso soup is a product of Japan and is manufactured by Hikari Miso. This brand dates back to 1936, where a family in Nagano, Japan began a small business focused on creating high quality, natural and organic food products. Still today, Hikari Miso is devoted to organic practices that are good for the land, air and water. The efforts of this company help to reduce emissions, packaging and waste. Not only is this brand devoted to the environment, but they also create quality and great tasting products.

The flavor of this instant miso soup is like any other restaurant quality miso soup. It is salty, tangy, and savory. It is made from organic soybean paste and has an umami taste. It also has onion and garlic powders that help give it some good flavor. Each container contains three servings and each serving size is only 35 calories. There is half a gram of fat, 620 milligrams of sodium, five grams of total carbs, less than one gram of fiber, two grams of sugar and two grams of protein per serving. This soup is gluten free, vegan and includes fresh miso paste.

This miso soup is light and can be eaten by itself. You could also add a few simple ingredients to this miso soup to make it a heartier meal. Consider adding shrimp or fish, which go great with any type of miso soup. You can also add mushrooms, which will provide a complementary flavor as well as add a number of health benefits. Clams or crab meat will make the soup take on an especially umami flavor, along with more protein and healthy fats.

The instructions indicate to pour in the packets, add the hot water and stir well. Here, I'm going to open the packet. Inside, we find three packets of miso paste and three packets of garnish.

We'll follow the instructions by emptying the fresh miso paste and garnish into a bowl. Then we'll add five to six ounces, which is about 116 milliliters of hot water. We'll stir well and I'll show you how it looks.

This miso soup tastes great. I really hope you'll get to try out this delicious miso soup which is available in our Asian supermarket. It is so easy to make and is a very healthy dish.

For more authentic Japanese market products, visit our Asian food store page - Karman Foods.

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