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Stay warm for the holidays with Kimchi Tofu Soup

Stay warm for the holidays with Kimchi Tofu Soup

Hi, everyone. For today, we're going to cook kimchi and tofu soup. So we can find some ingredients from Karman Foods. First is the Tae-Kyung red chili powder, Kikkoman sesame oil, and Kikkoman low sodium soy sauce. So just visit www.karmanfoods.com. It is the number one curated Asian food grocer. It is also the ultimate place for your Asian needs. We can provide Asian ethnic food ingredients and deliver it to your doorstep. We have Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and Southeast Asian ingredients.

For the complete ingredients, we have here one teaspoon of Tae-Kyung chili powder, one tablespoon of Kikkoman sesame oil, two garlic cloves chopped, one white onion diced, one cup of kimchi sliced into bite sized pieces. We have here one and one half cups of water, one tablespoon of less sodium Kikkoman soy sauce, one third cup of spring onions or green onions sliced, and one fresh egg.

First, we need to heat a sauce pot over medium heat, and once the pot is hot add the sesame oil. Swirl to the pan to spread the oil. Then add the Tae-Kyung red chili powder. Add the garlic and add the onion. Now we satay it for two to three minutes until they are well combined and fragrant. So we just allow it to cook. Now let's add the kimchi slices. Let's mix it with the onions for one minute. Now let's pour the water. So let's add two cups. And let's also add the Kikkoman less sodium soy sauce. So let's mix that and bring it to a boil. We can cover this pot first. Now that it's boiling, let's stir it again and lower the heat to low, and we can add the soft tofu now. Let's stir it again and let it simmer for 10 to 15 minutes. We can cover it again.

After five minutes, let's stir it again. We can season it with salt. And let's mix it again. Now we can add the egg. So this is fresh egg. And just allow it to cook for 30 seconds to 1 minute. After one minute, let's turn up the heat and sprinkle the green onions. That's it. And let's serve the soup in a bowl.

Tae-kyung Gochugaru Red Chili Pepper Powder - 1 lbs - Karman Foods

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Let's now serve the kimchi and tofu soup. So the kimchi and tofu soup is good for two to four serves and we use different ingredients we can find in Karman Foods. First is the Tae-Kyung red chili powder, Kikkoman less sodium soy sauce, and Kikkoman sesame oil. So let's stir it first.

It's very easy to make this kimchi and tofu soup. And let's add again the egg that we added a while ago and sprinkle with more spring onions. You are ready to serve your kimchi and tofu soup.

So we're ready to taste the kimchi and tofu soup. I'm very excited because it smells really good. Let's taste the soup first. The soup is really the soul of the food. It's really good. Now let's have a bite. The texture of the soft tofu matches the soup. It's really good. What's good about this recipe is that it is vegetarian. If you want it vegan, just remove the egg and add something else, like for example, more kimchi, fried shallots. So that will be okay too.

Our selection are constantly growing and if you have any suggestions, please, please contact us at our website. I hope you get to try this special recipe. It's perfect for your cold night, for breakfast, for snacks. It's absolutely good. Thanks, everyone.

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