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Super Duper Samyang Hack Chicken Flavor Ramen Nuclear Edition

Super Duper Samyang Hack Chicken Flavor Ramen Nuclear Edition

Hello, everybody. I am very happy to share with you this 2X Spicy Hot Chicken Flavor Ramen from Samyang. This ramen is extremely hot and spicy. If you cannot handle the heat, maybe this ramen is not for you. But if you're up for a challenge and you love ramen, then I highly recommend you get this from an Asian market. I'm going to show you around here. Let's take a look at the ingredients. So as you can see, there are 545 calories per package. And the serving size is one ramen pack. And this comes with five ramen packs. We'll look at the fat, cholesterol, sodium, kind of high. But again, it's ramen. So it's okay. And then we will also look at the carbs and fiber. And 13 grams of protein, that's pretty good.

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You can take a look at this here and some more nutritional information. Now let's go over how to prepare this. So what you're going to want to do is put the noodles into 600 milliliters of boiling water and cook that for five minutes. And instead of just draining the water totally, you're going to want to keep eight spoonful's of water, which is about 120 milliliters.

With that water, you'll then put the liquid soup into the noodles and that leftover water and stir fry it for 30 seconds. And doing that will add a really nice crispy flavor and make the ramen really delicious. And then you're going to put flakes onto the ramen, and stir it and serve.

Please be aware of this allergy information. It's manufactured in a facility that also processes fish, eggs, milk, and shellfish. This ramen can be considered vegan. It's actually halal. And there are no meat products in here. But if you'd like, you can add some pulled pork. In fact, there are quite a few things that you can add to this, to make it taste a little different. For example, you can add some pulled pork, beansprouts, ginger, even some sour cream and lime, and also an egg, or shallots and carrots, or collard greens.

And now, I'll be very happy to show you inside this package, so you can see what each ramen pack looks like inside. So that's what an individual ramen pack looks like. It seems a bit bigger than some other ramen packets that I've had. Let's take a look at that. Yeah. So the same nutritional facts and cooking directions are on the individual packs as well. Looking at this packaging, you see it looks very, very spicy. And I'd like to say to you that it absolutely lives up to what it claims to be very, very spicy. Of course, the more you eat, the more it will burn, but you might become addicted to this ramen because it is very good, very delicious, tasty, satisfying, and fulfilling.

Yeah. I just want to say that this has a pretty long shelf life. So you can store some of these in your pantry, eat them whenever you're hungry. They make a nice meal. I've just washed my hands. And the outside of the packet is nice, but let's take a look inside and see what we have inside the packet.


A bit thicker than other types of ramen, see Korean grocery store. This is like some sauce. I'm guessing this is the broth packet. It's not a powder, this is a liquid. And this is the dehydrated veggie pack. So I'm going to prepare this and include some photos of the prepared dish. I hope you get a chance to give this a try. If you're into spicy ramen, then this is surely the product for you.

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