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Sweet Pumpkin Instant Porridge from Bibigo: Perfect Meal for Autumn Pumpkin Season Karman Review

Sweet Pumpkin Instant Porridge from Bibigo: Perfect Meal for Autumn Pumpkin Season Karman Review

This sweet pumpkin porridge is a quick and nutritious meal produced by CJ Foods. This dish is a specialty of South Korea. This tasty meal is simple to prepare in the microwave. It is totally convenient since it comes with a spoon and it's a nice size to take in a lunchbox or a backpack.

This porridge bowl is distributed by CJ Foods in Fullerton, California, and is a product of South Korea. CJ Foods is one of the leading Asian food companies. Bibigo is a subsidiary of CJ Foods and is the only Korean food brand for consumer packaged goods. That makes it delicious and simple for American consumers to enjoy the unique and modern flavors of Korean dining. The flavor of this porridge is both sweet and salty. It is made from pumpkin, rice flour, sugar, and red bean paste. The texture is satisfyingly smooth and tender. These tasty ingredients combined to make a uniquely sweet and savory food.

This porridge should be served warm, after being microwave for two minutes. This traditional meal is perfect to enjoy in the wintertime or to eat when feeling under the weather. You can enjoy this meal all by itself, or you could eat it along with a crunchy salad or with some potstickers or a veggie dish.

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This package contains one serving. Each bowl of this porridge has 200 calories, one gram of fat, no cholesterol, 530 milligrams of sodium, 46 grams of carbohydrates, two grams of fiber, 22 grams of sugar and three grams of protein. It is a healthy and delicious bowl to enjoy. Please note the allergy information. This porridge is produced in a facility that also uses milk, egg, fish, shellfish, tree nut, peanut, wheat, and soybean.

You can store this package at room temperature before preparing it. When you are ready to make this porridge, opened up the package and peel back the top to the peel to heat line and set it in the microwave to heat up for two minutes. This package will be hot after heating. Handle it with care when removing the bowl from the microwave. I love that this pumpkin porridge bowl comes with a spoon for convenience, and is so simple to make. It is great to be able to enjoy authentic Korean flavors while saving time. Now, I'm going to prepare this and show you how it looks.

The aroma from this porridge smells great. It has a sweet aroma and also smells like pumpkins. This delicious porridge is great. I hope you'll try it out and enjoy the sweet and savory flavors of this pumpkin porridge bowl.

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