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Vitasoy Reduced Sugar Chrysanthemum Tea | Karman Reviews

Vitasoy Reduced Sugar Chrysanthemum Tea | Karman Reviews

Vita teas are produced by Vitasoy, a beverage company with a vision to provide its customers with sustainable, plant-based beverages. Vitasoy was founded in 1940 in Hong Kong by a man named Dr. Lo, who wanted to help his fellow citizens by providing them with nutritious soy milk. Since its founding, the company has expanded their product line to include a variety of tea.

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This chrysanthemum tea contains less sugar than Vitasoy's original chrysanthemum tea. This low-sugar option is a healthy choice, so you can enjoy all the benefits of chrysanthemum tea while keeping a low-sugar diet. Chrysanthemum tea promotes deep relaxation by cooling the body, inducing calmness, and lowering blood pressure. This refreshing tea is commonly enjoyed during the hot summer months to cool off and rehydrate. Other benefits of drinking chrysanthemum tea include soothing a sore throat, clearing the skin, and anxiety relief. This tea does not contain any caffeine and is therefore not a stimulant.

Each pack like this contains six eco-friendly paper cartons of chrysanthemum tea. Vitasoy reduces their packaging footprint by protecting and shipping their beverages in Tetra Pak cartons. Tetra Pak cartons are sustainable and cost-effective while remaining hygienic and sterile. So you can be confident in the quality and environmental sustainability of Vitasoy beverages.

The taste of this tea is sweet and floral with the unique flavor of chrysanthemum. Each 215 milliliter cartoon is considered one serving and contains 60 calories, no fat, 25 milligrams of sodium, 14 grams of total carbohydrates, 14 grams of total sugars, and no protein. Each carton comes with a bendy straw for easy enjoyment without any mess. These drinks should be stored in a cool, dry place until ready to enjoy.

They may be refrigerated for a chilled temperature, but refrigeration is not necessary. After opening, consume immediately. These drinks last about six months. Be sure to read the expiration date properly as day, month, year. Choosing healthy beverages like this will support your general well-being and promote a happy life. By choosing Vitasoy, you are saying no to GMOs while supporting sustainable farms.

Now, I'll open one of these cartons and pour it in a glass for you to see how this chrysanthemum tea looks. Here you can see the tea. It has a delicious cooling flavor. I highly recommend this chrysanthemum tea for its low sugar and refreshing effect. Vitasoy offers a great selection of popular teas and many soy-based drinks too. They all can be part of a plant-based diet. Be sure to look out for other beverages from Vitasoy and to try all their flavors.

Enjoy. Bye-bye.

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