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Japanese Kitsune Udon With Fried Tofu By Wang Korea | Karman Reviews

Japanese Kitsune Udon With Fried Tofu By Wang Korea | Karman Reviews

Udon noodles are a delicious Korean style noodle that is popular for its thick and chewy texture. This Kitsune Udon Noodle Bowl is perfect for an instant and easy to make noodle soup for any occasion. Since this noodle bowl is intended to be eaten as an instant noodle soup, the thick udon noodles soak up flavor from the both, which makes each bite incredibly flavorful.

These noodles have a robust umami flavor that tastes phenomenal. This udon noodle bowl is from the brand Wang Korea, a major exporter of traditional Korean foods. Since their expansion into the USA, Europe and China, they have become an increasingly global exporter of Korean foods. Their commitment to quality guarantees fresh and delicious food products.

The word Kitsune means fox in Japanese. Since foxes are common in Japanese folklore, there are some mythological stories and qualities about them. Legend has it that Kitsune love the type of tofu that is included in this type of udon soup. For this reason, it is aptly named Kitsune Udon. These udon soup bowls are large and fulfilling. They are healthy and tasty since there are no trans fat and no added MSG. There are also no preservatives and no cholesterol.

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Each noodle bowl like this contains 330 calories, four grams of total fat, no cholesterol, 800 milligrams of sodium, 63 grams of carbohydrates, no dietary fiber, five grams of sugar, and 10 grams of protein. Inside each wrapped bowl, you will find a sealed udon noodle packet, a large liquid soup base, a sealed pouch of fried tofu, and a sachet of dried veggie flakes.

Since each of these are sealed for freshness, you are guaranteed a great tasting meal every time. To prepare these udon noodles, begin by warming the noodles with hot water and draining the water before cooking. This helps to loosen up the thick udon noodles. Then add the noodles, soup base and tofu into the bowl. Add hot water up to the fill line and microwave for three minutes. Pour in the veggie flakes. Stir and enjoy.

These noodle bowls are really versatile and are great to make at work, or school, or even at home. The taste of these noodles is savory and a little sweet. The tofu is perfectly chewy, similar to the thick udon noodles, which soak up the flavor from the soup broth. Now I will open this package and show you what's inside. I will prepare these udon noodles according to the instructions for you to see. Here's the finished product. It looks and smells great.


I highly recommend this Kitsune Udon Soup Bowl and hope you'll try it out. Order Korean noodles at our korean grocery store. See also our Asian Market for more Asian noodles.

Enjoy. Bye-bye.

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