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Rosebud Original Coffee Mix (12gx100pack)

$ 27.99

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Greet the day with a bright and lively mood with the Rosebud Original Coffee Mix. Packed with a perfectly portioned blend of coffee, non-dairy creamer, and sugar, you have just enough of every ingredient to make the best-tasting coffee brew. This Korean-made instant coffee comes in a convenient sachet stick packaging that's perfect for road trips, overtime at work, or staying at home. Plus, it has a sugar control feature where you can pinch the end of the sachet where the sugar is packed and pour the amount of sugar to your liking. It’s quick, easy, and heavenly!

  • Instant coffee made with coffee powder, non-dairy creamer, and sugar
  • Comes with a unique sugar control feature
  • Just add hot water
  • Product of Korea from the brand Rosebud
  • Comes in a pack of 100 sachet sticks containing 12g of instant coffee each