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Sempio Hot Pepper Paste - Gochujang 2.2 lbs

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Sempio - Gochujang Hot Pepper Paste

Your affordable choice of gochujang comes in a 2.2lbs value-sized tub for all kinds of cooking! Sempio Hot Pepper Paste boasts of its all-natural gochujang made with 100% Korean sun-dried peppers with no preservatives added. Add spice and heat when you add a healthy scoop of this hot pepper paste to Korean food like kimbap, tteokboki (spicy rice cakes), samgyupsal (Korean barbeque) or western dishes like burgers, wings, and ribs! Discover what authentic Korean cuisine taste like with a heaping of Sempio’s Hot Pepper Gochujang

  • Made from 100% premium Korean sun-dried hot peppers, soybeans, and wheat extract
  • Best for Korean dishes and other spicy Korean food
  • No added preservatives
  • Contains 2.2lbs of gochujang