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Annie Chun's Hot and Sour Soup Bowl - Pack of 6 - 5.7 oz.

$ 26.57

Annie Chun's Hot and Sour Soup Bowl

Quicker, easier, and tastier! These are what you can expect from Annie Chun’s instant meals. Get a quick fix of Chinese-style Noodles with Annie Chun’s Hot & Sour Soup Bowl. Indulge in tender Hokkien Noodles soaked under restaurant-quality hot and sour broth with bok choy and shiitake mushrooms to top it all off. Chili flakes are also included in the ingredient list for that signature Asian spiciness that will warm your body. One bite and you're immediately transported to a vibrant Chinese flavor odyssey. At only 270 calories per packet, you already have a healthy, complete, and filling lunch or dinner! It only takes 2 minutes to prepare so you have no other excuse but to satisfy those Chinese food cravings.

  • Contains Hokkien Noodles, chicken broth flavor, organic chicken stock, dehydrated bok choy, dehydrated mushrooms, chili peppers, and other premium-quality ingredients
  • Packs medium-level heat
  • Contains 270 calories, 0g saturated fat, and 0g cholesterol
  • Ready in 2 minutes
  • Comes in a case of 6, 5oz. Each