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Asian Best Premium Rice Stick Noodle, 16 oz (3 Pack)

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Asia has a wide variety of noodles for different dishes. One of which is the Rice Stick Noodles which is used to make Pho Soup. Asian Best's Premium Rice stick noodles are flat and made only from rice flour and water. Aside from using this on Pho Soup, you can also use this on your Pad Thai. The secret to achieving a chewy rice stick noodle is to soak the noodles in warm water first, then rinse it in cold water and let it sit for a while. Once you get the hang of it, you can easily whip up a bowl of authentic Pho soup or Pad Thai whenever you crave one!

  • Rice stick noodles made from rice flour
  • Vegan noodles
  • Used for Pho Soup or Pad Thai
  • Product of Thailand from the brand Asian Best
  • Contains 3 packs of 16oz rice stick noodles