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Assi Glass Noodles, Korean Vermicelli, Dangmyun, Sweet Potato Starch (12 Ounces)

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Assi’s Sweet Potato Dangmyun Glass Noodles is a lightweight and healthier alternative to whole wheat Noodles or instant ramen. Made from 100% sweet potato starch, prepare vegan-friendly dishes like japchae, vermicelli rolls, and vegetable hotpots. While there are several dishes you can prepare with these transparent and springy Noodles, it’s well-known to be an essential ingredient of Korea’s stir-fried noodles dish called japchae. All you need is to saute your glass Noodles with seafood selections of your choice and mix in some vegetables, soy sauce, and sesame oil, then you’re done! It’s simple, healthy, and delicious! Choose from 1 pack or 2 packs depending on how much you want to stock up or if you just want to start experimenting with Korean cuisine.

  • Glass Noodles made from sweet potato starch
  • Perfect for japchae, hot pots, soups, stews, and salads
  • Product of Korea
  • Contains 12oz. of sweet potato glass Noodles